As I am one with nature,
My path becomes more clear,
As every living thing on earth,
Has special fruit to bear.


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Happy Solstice! Many astrologers draw up a chart for the moment the Sun ingresses into the sign of Capricorn as a means of looking at what the future year is holding for us. This year's chart (shownΒ above) would show the Sun squaring the Moon's nodes and a Taurus Moon opposite Venus among other aspects.

As I spoke about in the report, there is no greater remedy for our ills, nourishment or nurturing, than Mother Nature. As our society, environment, physical bodies, and relationships undergo stressful changes now and in these coming months, there really is no better place to be. During this hectic holiday season as we are lured by the media to lose ourselves in the rat race of materialism, time out to tune into the greater seasons of our lives can really be the cure for any holiday blues. Wishing you the best of these times! Injoy!

12 thoughts on “December 16, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you sincerely.
    I feel awed and inspired.
    Your words resonate with my soul and light up my intuition.
    It gives me focus on how to cope with my practical day to day life, in order to reach my castles in the sky- not wait for other people and their promises to magically provide.
    The onus is on us as individuals. We have gifts within us to support our fellow communities.
    Nature is indeed great.

  2. Hi Kaypacha!
    I look forward to the Pele report every week. (is it here yet? Is it here yet?). And then this week, it speaks to me so powerfully it feels like it was made especially for me. It affirmed things I have been thinking and feeling , echoed the words of others that have interested me lately, and it has given me inspiration, clear leads and strategies for moving forward. Thank you so much!
    I am fortunate to live in a very wild natural place where the Atlantic meets the Irish Sea (and they don’t always hit it off so well!). I especially love the many seals that I see daily. I have been thinking today about what they teach me.
    They just sit on their rocks until the tide comes and lifts them off- then glide off effortlessly to go fishing (patience, wait for your wave, wait for the right time). The young ones hang out in the harbour in the bad weather. They nose up the easy to catch flat fish in the shallows at the beach. They are learning slowly and giving themselves a break and no one (especially not themselves) says ‘well they’re not great seals’. (Be gentle with yourself and let yourself develop in your own time). Here, two species of seals that normally compete for habitats co-exist and mingle in a way that mystify the scientists. (And some local humans are lobbying to invite and accommodate some of the middle eastern refugees to come and join our community, the seals would approve). When the storms are wild and there is a heavy sea mist and darkness, they come together and sing strange seal songs (find your tribe and support each other through the tough times, create and party). They live in two worlds, seem a bit odd shuffling on the rocky shore, but dive off elegantly to extraordinary depths at extraordinary speeds in their preferred element and actually no-one knows very much about what they get up too. ( Like our worldly, work a day life and our spiritual inner life). At first glance it seems like they lie around doing nothing a lot of the time, but if you sit and watch closely, lots is going on, all kinds of subtle interactions.(Watch closely!) And lastly, they do yoga everyday!- they arch their bodies pointing up their noses and their back flippers , I call it ‘banana pose’.
    Thanks for taking us to the Bali waterfalls and be careful rock hopping with your sore ankle.
    Namaste, yellowferret πŸ™‚

  3. I love to travel, even if it is vicariously to Bali to see the breath taking water falls. Very healing With so much gratitude for the experience. You are a gift. Thank you so much. Love and more Love. Daya

  4. Wow! Feeling lit up by the light and energy in this report, Kaypacha. The merging of your spirit in that magical place equals inspiration. Time to celebrate;)
    Big love!!

  5. I want to thank you Tom Kaypacha so much for these beautiful Pele Reports I look forward to them so much as they help me a lot. Your smile and laugh are a true joy to see and I am so grateful for your being. With much love Elyse x

  6. Brother K πŸ™‚ ! Deep textural manna coherence. recherchΓ© the rush. πŸ™‚
    Definitely the view was collective enjoyment, a discreet turbine and it’s electricity. Haha. πŸ™‚
    …so much to say about Gaia/Milky Way Organisms evolution, but something from Gita Jayanti says it’s paper pills of another time. πŸ™‚ …maybe around a fire with friends.

    Sending Peace & love to all. Belated Soltice, Gita Jayanti & New Year!
    Invite the New Year of Purification with a water or in our case a snow ball fight! …It makes everybody laugh & smile… So do snow angels, tee hee. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to hearing about the weather for the full moon on Dec.25.

    Infinite smiles ~ In Lak’ech

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