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December 16, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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As I set sail upon my journey,
What may come I cannot know.
I must stay present, alert, and awake,
If I’m to reach the far distant shore.

Hola Sailors!

One look at the chart below, and you will see four exact conjunctions with four planets at 0 degrees and four planets at 23 degrees. A unique Solstice it is! Conjunctions are both an ending and a new beginning and symbolize a turning point, a period of chaos as the old dissolves before the new impulse emerging. We are now facing straight into the unknown. It is uncomfortable but as pregnant with potential as it may be with fear. It’s a time well spent centering ourselves within our inner core, tending our hearths, and building the light within.

Moreso than the Sun/Mercury entering Capricorn together, the Jupiter/Saturn 20 conjunction occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius heralds a societal restructuring. This restructuring may well take 20 years, but I’m going to say that the next five will be the most tumultuous. While we may be tired of the challenges, the negativity, and the separation, collectively, we are going through a grand re-orientation that will take some time to settle out/down. Best to do our inner work to stay centered and bring calm to the rough waters we’ll be sailing. Good can be found and created in the harshest of surroundings. We can be that good.

I will be giving a free 90-minute presentation on what lies ahead for 2021 on Awoken TV this Sunday, December 20, at 11 am PST. Awoken TV will stream it to their FB page. In it, I will have more time to share the upcoming transits and the changes they reflect.
For now, know that this is the time to trust yourself, realize, and believe in your power to create and maintain the life you want to live regardless of what others say and do. Just keep repeating that mantra over and over this week, and we’re there!

As I set sail upon my journey,
What may come I cannot know.
I must stay present, alert, and awake,
If I’m to reach the far distant shore.

2020 has been the year of the car wash. Both Jupiter and Saturn went through the “Plutonian cleanse,” a stripping, dying, emptying, and purging. We are now getting down to the bare bones bottom of the pit, stripped to our core. We have all been tested and prepared for the coming initiation into a new era. This week in particular and the coming months will require that we dip down into our well of strength, determination, belief, and will power to forcibly fashion new lives for ourselves, those we love, and the world at large. The onus is upon us. 

During these times, the stars, nature, breath, and meditation can help us trust ourselves and find the comfort and strength to do what is right, what is needed, and what will help us achieve our goals. The cyclical nature of all growth and evolutionary processes assures us that upon reaching the “bottom,” the longest night or darkest hour, the resurrection toward the new dawn, or ascension toward the light begins. We are now reaching that point. It’s time to let go of the past, the shore, the security of the harbor that was and head out to sea toward a new future. Trust the process and go for it! 

This week’s song is none other than an old-time favorite TV show, LOL! Even if our boat is the “Minnow,” we shall not be lost!”
Awakening the Soul Meditation
Opening Jupiter & Saturn photo/thumbnail by Mikael Zuber.

So Much Love,


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One Comment

  1. Tami Derezotes December 18, 2020 at 1:30 am - Reply

    Kaypacha, thank you as usual. I am so grateful for your wisdom. Btw. My kids (30 and 33 yr. old) are not vaccinated, other than homeopathic nosodes. I was vaccine injured as a child. I have seen many mothers watch there kids go away forever, due to vaccines, yes, autism and aspergers and other shit. I work in an acupuncture clinic. I am fully democrat. Yay Biden. I wear a mask. I don’t want covid, I will take the gamut of antivirals if I get it. Your “wild” ideas are not unfounded. I don’t trust snopes at all. if you google (duck duck go!) “do you trust snopes food babe” that is one of the ways to see some possible corporate manipulations effecting snopes. STILL! I like how you are being more on the fence, and though you backpeddled a bit on your vax stance, it is okayfor the minions that you do, so all people, like you say, will choose what they need, whatever the karma. (Still #2) really glad you understand deep health. We could create safer vaccines, for sure. right now it is all about the money. it is so damn hard to be an astrologer, and tip toe into all these places where separation and fear have gripped people, and not end up thrown out the back door. Just be you. I probably represent 100 people. many of my friends watch the Pele report. Let your angels and guides float you to the right words and actions, you got this. Namaste, Aloha, so much love. Tami

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