The more I stand out, straight and tall,
Owning my truth before one and all,
The more I love this world I hold dear,
The more of the road to the future I clear.

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Alright! This is it! This is the time! We are the ones! Time to stand up tall and be counted! Don't forget that the greater the light the darker the shadow when living in a 3D polarized world. Don't let the "bad" news dampen your powerful good self! It is phenomenal to have a New Moon on the Solstice... it is like the gun going off at the beginning of a race. During this time it may be helpful to keep our children's children in mind when making each and every decision and see if that changes any decisions you make. Just what toys are you buying for Christmas? Every dollar spent is going somewhere... where?.... and is that where you want it to go? Time for conscious, responsible, action to follow the heartfelt dreams and desires...... go Go GO! Injoy......

Hope to join with you this Saturday for a Sacred So

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