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Am I truly doing,
What it is I came to do,
Ever becoming the best I can be,
For the world, and for me and for you?


Now that's a good question isn't it? There's some judgement (Saturn and Sun in Capricorn), some envisioning (Mercury, Jupiter in Sagittarius) and some reflecting (Full Moon in Cancer).  The danger with the square to Neptune is going too far either way.  If the hope is to change the world you're probably going too far "up" and if you're feeling like a total failure you're probably going too far "down."


The greatest of all this Capricorn energy is: The wise elder viewing life from the mountain top and seeing all as it truly is.  With patience and experience he/she builds the kingdom stone by stone, so solid it will last the test of time.  A good approach for days like these!


So Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “December 19, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. You didn’t mention what river the Dec. 19th. report was on??

    Was it Smith River, Oregon?

    Thanks for your love and support! Susan

  2. I love your vision into the astral world <3 Thanks so much for bringing it home to many through the magic that you do, may you have a pleasant and bright solstice bringing with you the light into the New year <3


  3. Kaypacha, luv-could you please set the volume higher?-I’m always struggling to hear you on my little phone.
    nice Report by the way!!
    Luved your Saggy purple
    are you into the Galactic center,at all?-(hits right bfore the Solstice)
    few seem to be.. my mars is on it ..Sun-stellium in sag_ north node in cancer conj. the ascendant_ would love to know where to find more about that axis_s’posed to b the gateway(birth canal/channel) Cancer+ ascension(spiritual)Cap. something-or-other__ and I guess we’re,all on it, this year!?

  4. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas Kaypacha! Hope you and your family are blessed with bountiful love, joy, laughter and merriment as well as some down time for quiet reflection and gratitude. I have been following your Pele Report for years (since before you moved to Costa Rica!) and they are always an important part of my week. I love the time in nature you provide as your background for each report and your insight into the planetary influences on us have helped me navigate the chaotic nature of the last several years. And I love your Leo nature and zany sense of humor. Always makes me feel good. As one of the other messages said, I too love the regal purple jacket and matching hat you’re wearing. SO stylin’! Sending much love.

  5. The weirdest/best connections happenned this evening. Found my loving people on New Year’s Eve after listening to intuition and heart. That’s where we are these days. And they were all so strong!

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