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December 2, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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When in a big transition,
It’s okay to be afraid,
But I let go, knowing that,
After the night comes another day.

Hola Survivors!

Whew! Aren’t these the days? It’s not over yet is the old saying that pertains to the cycles we are experiencing now. It’s not over, but the good news is that we’re getting there! A few more walls to tear down in our year of remodeling, and we’ll be ready for some new energy/installs. As I mentioned in the report, we are winding down to the last degrees/minutes of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction as the Moon wanes toward 3/4. These signify the reaping of what we have sown for better or for worse.

Whether better or worse, the end result is hopefully education, strengthening, and more clarity about who we are, what we need, where we’re going, and how to head in that direction. Rather than seeing Saturn as a roadblock, I’d like to present him as the road narrowing and helping to focus us toward our right dharmic path. If you are being blocked from pursuing a particular direction, it is not in your soul’s interest. If you are losing something, something is being taken away from you, or need to say goodbye to someone, it is for your soul’s best interest. Note I did not say ego (as in conscious). I said, soul (unconscious). This illustrates a humbling life lesson that we sometimes just don’t know what is best for us. Thank God/dess Life does!

With a song in our hearts and a prayer on our lips, may we know that we have all we need to flourish in 2021. We might not need as much as we thought! We can take that as a cosmic compliment rather than falling into victim consciousness like we have been robbed of something dear. At the same time, ceremony and ritual have long been used to honor the passage from one phase of life to another, and it will benefit us to feel all the feelings of grief, sorrow, and sadness at the passing of what once served us.

Hopefully, we can share our experiences and feelings with others for both support and connection. I hope you hold your head high and sing praise to the universe (or the wide-open spaces as in this week’s The Who song… the link is below) as you stroll with dignity through these flames of initiation.

When in a big transition,
It’s okay to be afraid, 
But I let go, knowing that,
After the night comes another day.

This week’s lunar eclipse will continue bringing up powerful feelings right on through the upcoming solar eclipse on the 14th. These feelings will include fears, needs, grief, sadness, and several other “negative emotions” that most of us have been taught to hide, avoid, or deny. At the least, we’ve gotten some messages that others don’t want to hear or deal with them, and we should maybe go off to our room, process them alone, and come back when we’re better?

Yet, these very feelings connect us emotionally, give us a sense of belonging, and soothe the inner child inside each of us. Venus in Scorpio wants to dive down into the depths of these feelings, feel the mystery, and experience the power and passion that is released with them. This is a great time to learn how to hold ourselves and hold each other as we say goodbye to the past and let go of what can’t come along into our future.

“The Song is Over” by The Who
“Alpha Omega” by Lost Under Heaven

So Much Love,


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One Comment

  1. Mara December 10, 2020 at 5:00 am - Reply

    I really want to say Thank You!!
    I am extremely pregnant, due date is this next new moon …everything you shared was completely helpful and relevant for someone about to give birth for the first time, during these wild days!!
    This wild baby spirit came in on the new moon during the March quarantine when we were deep in the New Mexico wilderness…they will be a special one indeed.
    Thank you for the strengthening sentiments for facing the unknown, quite synchronistic!
    Mara Veronica

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