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December 23, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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In the third dimension of separation,
My ego needs to be right.
But Spirit keeps calling me up and out,
To a world of warmth, love and light.

Happy Holidays!

Wow! What a year to remember, or try to forget! As I mention in today’s report, we are ending cycle upon cycle upon cycle and beginning several new ones. That equals CHAOS! That is where we are, and that is where we are going to be, intensely for another month, and less intensely for a few more years. Our next New Moon in Capricorn and then Full Moon in Leo will pack in a load of surprises, both happy and sad. This is a time to expand your capacity to hold a greater spectrum of emotion. The definition of maturity is the ability to “hold.” Capricorn is the sign of “maturity,” so it is time for us to build those muscles!

There is so much happening that it can hardly be addressed in a “weekly” report. These are long term cycles that work deep within the interior psyche and cannot be unraveled in a matter of minutes. I was invited by Awoken TV to present a 90-minute explanation of our times, and even that wasn’t enough! Therefore, I am going forward with a 1-day workshop to discuss the future cycles unfolding externally and internally. And take some of these aspects around the wheel of your own chart, through each of the rising signs. Check the replay of my talk “Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going” and the invitation to join my workshop on January 3 HERE.

I’ve also posted two pdfs regarding the end of Kali Yuga, Patriarchy, and the initiation we are currently going through. They can be found on the website’s homepage under “Helpful Resources” or by clicking HERE!  I see 2021 as The Year of Initiation; Gestation in Preparation for Creative Manifestation. I will be discussing the stages of initiation and how the second involves “gestation” in the upcoming online workshop and through 2021. I hope you can join me! 

Overall, this difficult period of isolation, forcing contemplation is part of an initiation designed to assist each of us in shedding “skins,” baggage, outworn beliefs, and our delusions/illusions. While preparing for an awakened state of consciousness soon to appear within reach, it can be terribly uncomfortable “not knowing,” like sitting in a sailboat and the wind dies down to nothing. The powers of faith, hope, and love will be the vehicles through which we may enter spirit worlds.

In the third dimension of separation,
My ego needs to be right.
But Spirit keeps calling me up and out,
To a world of warmth, love and light.

2021: The Year of Initiation: Gestation in Preparation for Creative Manifestation. 

It’s a pretty sober holiday season for so many this year, and we are all at least somewhat confined, so let’s say it’s a good week for everybody to stay home, chill, reflect, and connect with loved ones! The Moon moving through Taurus to Cancer and forming a beautiful Full Moon next Tuesday can shine a light on our deepest emotional needs and fears. Keeping in mind that feelings are not linear or logical and don’t always lend themselves to rational explanation can help us openly accept and listen to their important messages. These messages can then help us decide, plan, and innovate new ways to meet these needs and those of the ones we love. 

May you be opened to love and allow it to guide your life. 

So Much Love,


“Your Astrology for 2021” including replay of “Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going”
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