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It's time for me to take off my masks,
For I can no longer pretend,
And the only way to move through the fear,
Is to love me just as I am.

Yikes! The last Pele Report for 2017! That was a fast year! There is so much more to say about this whole process I hope you will join the Dream Team of astrologers and myself for our 2 month e-Course (see link below) starting New Years Day (you don't have to watch the video that day!). Gotta say that I feel we can sometimes have these "masks" glued on and it hurts to take them off! We get attached to these personas as our identity and changing/transforming our identity is a very big thing. We need to be as gentle with ourselves and others as we can!

Of course, this also relates to the many people that are "looking for their tribe." Our tribe is a group of likeminded souls who will judge us sparingly, forgive us our fears, and love us as we are. No easy task sometimes haha! If that wasn't enough we can also be looking for this unconditional love in our most personal relationships, another something to work on that brings us all deeper into our hearts and fears and requires a lot of letting go (Jupiter in Scorpio). May you find your tribe and unconditional love both for yourself and in the world now and in 2018 if you haven't got it already!

Injoy and Happy New Year!

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12 thoughts on “December 27, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Aloha dear ones,
    I would like a written transcription of the last pale report and it says click on the link? I dont see any link…

  2. Several beginnings deleted when adding a comment as I didn’t really know where to start or what to say? Another, wow what a great Pele comment? No… it’s much more than that! I doubt I will find the words. Veritas, much veritas and you delivered it in such a centred powerful way Kaypacha. Perfect wrap to what has certainly been the year that ended illusions and one of those illusions might be to think that the door just nicely clicks shut like on some luxury vehicle as this year ends. That’s the sort of folly and illusion that can only exist looking through the eyes of a mask. All endings are beginnings and all things are circular in nature so we only go deeper or wider in orb, get closer or avoid and own our choices and their gifts or lessons. Bows in reverence, thank you Saturn. Pura Vida xx

  3. Love and blessings with so much gratitude for your continuing report in wisdom and knowledge. Kaypacha your weekly report is my souls delight. Have a beautiful cycle ending and new year beginning Love Diana

  4. Thank you so much Kaypacha , that so explains a lot of what I have been dealing with the last week !!!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing so open heartedly. Sending huge hugs and love to you , Lara and your family and I hope to join you in the new year on another one of your amazing workshops.

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