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December 29, 2021
Astrology Forecast

December 29, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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The Sun, the Moon and the Stars,
Tell me there is a plan,
For me and you and what to do,
And when to take a stand.

Happy New Year!

Wow! I think 2021 is going out with a bang, what about you? It’s like the psychic planetary temperature is going up by the day. I hear of more lawsuits against governments, individuals, and corporations responsible for the mess we’re in every day. Yes! Let’s hope some suits get settled, and justice is served before the demonstrations and revolts become too nasty as the restrictions get more absurd. All this while the evidence is mounting by the minute of how dangerously mismanaged the whole plandemic has been. Amazing times we live in! Let’s keep remembering we signed up for this! Yikes! Pat yourself on the back, you brave soul!

I, myself, am making a New Year’s Resolution to get more focused and simplify my life (north node moving into Taurus). I’m getting a message that Google is recording every time I send a WhatsApp voice message, and Facebook took down one of my posts and warned me to stay within their community guidelines. I feel like I am getting solid messages from Source: Get away from Zuckerberg, LOL!!! So I resolve to wind down to eventually exit FB, IG, and WhatsApp as they are all owned by Meta, which is gathering too much information. Also, FB just told me I needed more security and had to give them my phone number, or they would delete my account. I’m feeling invaded!

I’m sending this out to all my messenger friends and will put these links here for you too. If you are a FB friend of mine, please unfriend me, and as the number goes down, I will know that my friends have moved over to connect with me on other platforms, and I can let go more easily. Thank you!

I’m looking forward to spending more time with my students in the NPA School of Astrology, for which I do live Zooms mostly every week to connect. Letting go of some social media will allow me more time to focus on my students. In addition, I really like Telegram, which provides greater privacy and fun little video chats, etc. I hope to see you there or, better yet, on a Sunday School Zoom!

I am discontinuing my use of FB messenger. Instead, please use the following links to follow, contact me, or support my work.

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The Sun, the Moon and the Stars,
Tell me there is a plan,
For me and you and what to do,
And when to take a stand.

OK! A traumatic Pele Report experience dealing with boundaries. With my 12th house stellium, I will say I don’t like limits and err on the side of oneness. However, life is a great teacher, and it is teaching me to not only stand and hold my own boundaries but look for, identify, and respect other people’s! But I will also say that I’m slightly traumatized by the angry, aggressive, and abusive language this lady used (with a 7-year-old girl at her side!) to kick my “sorry @#$” outta there! Missing the Pura Vida of Costa Rica these days! 

Anyway, this personal experience can be broadened to a collective experience as we see governments worldwide encroaching upon individual citizens’ rights. We can see the apparent boundaries of muzzle mandates, little stickers on floors telling people to stay away from each other, plastic “shields” between checkouts and children’s school desks, etc. I see this division as a deliberate attempt to tear apart the social fabric that connects, unites, and strengthens us. As humans, we are social beings.

At this juncture of not only the end of a year but the end of an age, it behooves us to remember and review our past, both personal and collective. It is a learning process, as the balsamic phase will always bring up any and all issues that have not been resolved in the previous cycle so that they may be integrated before the beginning of the next cycle. In this way, we learn from the past and don’t need to repeat lessons. I’m certainly reminded of Hitler, his totalitarian takeover that resulted in horror. Let us hope that collective experience is not repeated. 

From Jethro Tull’s “Stand Up” album, this week’s song is “We Used to Know.”

So Much Love,

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