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December 30, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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It’s time to get real and make a plan,
To go forward from here and now.
I will stay grounded, present and clear,
Not get lost with my head in the clouds.

Happy New Year!

Cross your fingers! Let’s hope for better luck with this one! It looks like humanity is in for a growth spurt, and while they can be painful, they result from increased GROWTH! We’ve got Jupiter moving through Aquarius this year, which will bring one breakthrough after another. My hope is that the breakthroughs have to do with how we treat ourselves, each other, nature, and the planet as a whole.  

I’m also aware of the polarization occurring right now on many levels and see these next few weeks as highly turbulent times. Today I spoke of Neptune squaring the nodes reflecting a time of chaos. Neptune and Pisces are associated with confusion and illusion, including paranoia and psychotic forms of behavior. We may see some bizarre stuff going on these next few weeks, which is why I also referred to the Mirror of Intimacy quote below. Reminding us that regardless of the outside world of events and other people, true mastery is the result of inner “management” of our state of mind, heart, and humanity. The cards get shuffled before the new game is dealt, and my feeling is that we’re shuffling up those cards right now! Hang tight!

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It’s time to get real and make a plan,
To go forward from here and now.
I will stay grounded, present and clear,
Not get lost with my head in the clouds.

Haha! Went on another rave! But I perhaps didn’t conclude it as well as I would like. In general, I believe that there really aren’t total angels or demons in the flesh, very few ALL bad guys and ALL good guys. I think we’re all a mix, or we wouldn’t be here. I further believe that the Age of Aquarius (and Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius) is about hammering out negotiations with all parties concerned to come up with creative solutions to our shared problems.

This isn’t gonna happen when people take extreme polarized positions and want to destroy rather than cooperate with those on “the other side of the aisle.” I think the way I did finish it was to bring it back home to take personal responsibility for our happiness or depression. The Mirror of Intimacy quote I was thinking of is: “Perhaps the greatest achievement and reward in life is being able to maintain an inner state of peace and acceptance in the face of change, to grow our hearts big enough to handle loss, to love and let go, to feel gratitude for what we have now. The law of impermanence might signify that even our knowledge, beliefs, and inner states must also change, and perhaps this is how to discover who we really are.”

Love it!

So Much Love,

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