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Like a fresh vegetable pulled from the garden,
Life strips me, cuts me, and cooks me too,
As a hungry world is in need of,
A delicious warm bowl of soup.

Indeed, there are powerful, mysterious, forces of life, largely unconscious that ultimately have the final say. The troubles we may all be facing over these "holidays" (and beyond) will be centred around our need for control, fear of not being in control (ie. controlled by others), and losing control of ourselves and our conscious goals, possessions, relationships etc.

It takes a big, confident, and generous king like Jupiter (soon to be joined by his army Mars) to smile, give, let go, and maybe even surrender to "higher" forces than his own! And yet this is part of the message of these times as we head into a new paradigm, we are here for each and the future as much as ourselves and ultimately all the we have and develop is designed and needed by those others.... in some ways we could see it all as a big trick. No sooner does the squirrel gather all his/her nuts than everyone makes a feast of them!

One approach that just came to me is to view the situation differently as Jupiter also relates to "attitude." How about, nothing is yours anyway? Even your body was given to you by your parents! We don't really own anything around here and it is our illusion that we do. Gaia lends us everything just to help us evolve our consciousness, and then, takes it all back. So we can feel grateful for the gift and the good times we've had instead of ripped off when it comes time to relinquish it for the next in line.... maybe we will have polished it or improved it or used it to create something even better that we can give away too! Who knows! Only You!

4 thoughts on “December 6, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you, fellow angel, light-worker, truth-teller.
    The word that has come to me is “rendered”. We are being rendered, boiled down….transformed through heat. (I live in L.A., thus the heat/fire image.) For me it is like being rendered irrevocably in love with the divine. There is nothing to do but to surrender to this.

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