Ari Moshe Wolfe


"Ari Moshe Wolfe is an astrologer, musician and intuitive guide. With honesty and compassion he assists others in seeing their own lives clearly and aligning more firmly with their soul's evolutionary direction. He is trained in the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and has been writing and teaching for many years. Ari Moshe offers personal and group sessions, combining his astrology knowledge with his intuitive wisdom and song medicine."


When we allow our hearts to resonate with another, their timing becomes one with our timing. When we allow our hearts to resonate with the cosmos, life's timing becomes one with our timing.


We are just now in this era remembering this ancient soul-way of looking at the stars. We as a species are just in the puberty stages of remembering. The ancients’ knowledge and understanding of the stars was vast, and I believe it is because their knowledge of self was also vast: as within, so without. The natal chart points not just to the human experience, but to the eternal consciousness behind the human experience. It’s a joy to me that this knowledge is now re-emerging on the global scene.

Why did you decide to get started in / study Astrology?

In 2005 I gave away all or close to all of my astrology books. I was disappointed because I felt deeply that our connection to the cosmos is real but I also knew that we were so much more than just the prescriptions and surface descriptions I was reading in the books. I began to believe it was not possible to know what the stars truly meant. I have a memory of walking over the 4th ave bridge in Olympia Washington and having the spontaneous and sober realization that I really will never understand all of it, and that that wasn't the point. In accepting this I felt humbled and free; I let go of the delusion to arrive at some kind of perfect understanding. It was just at that time of letting go that my friend introduced to me Jeffrey Wolf Green’s book “Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.” At first I was resistant to check out another teacher but my soul was instinctively impelled. Immediately, in the first couple paragraphs I was deeply drawn in and recognized in Green’s voice a soul authority that was very familiar to my soul. It blossomed from there.