Timothy Halloran


Timothy is a professional astrologer, artist, writer, and harmonium playing provocateur of sorts. Tim's work with astrology is grounded in the living breathing reality of nature. Rather then predicting the future he focuses on the poetic annotation of the human journey throughout time and life's natural unfolding. Timothy was first taught and introduced to Evolutionary Astrology by Kaypacha in 2012 and has continued to study and teach Jeffrey Wolf Green's work ever since. Most renown through his youtube channel 'RasaLilaHealing' Timothy has offered bi-weekly astrology forecasts for over four years, he has counseled thousands of clients and continues to work with individuals and groups leading workshops and giving lectures.

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Astrology is a trail of breadcrumbs laid so divinity can discover and return to itself.


Healing happens naturally through embracing the full journey of life; Confronting all fears and doubts with the open arms of understanding that there is good reason for everything despite appearances or what it may seem. Tuning into the divine music and dance of life the underlying universal symphony reveals itself in all things.

Why did you decide to get started in / study Astrology?

Fueled by discontent with my surroundings and a deep sense of there being something wrong with the direction of the world, I began to look into astrology as a means of seeking answers as to why I felt so anxious, isolated and misunderstood. On a spiritual journey I explored faiths and philosophies well outside of the constructs I was born into. I fell in love and felt deeply secure in the wisdom coming from India and became passionate about learning Vedic Astrology but I never found a suitable teacher and it never clicked. In 2011 a friend bought me my first Western astrology book and I immediately began to study anyone’s birth chart I could get my hands on. I quickly understood and felt comfortable with the nature of the zodiac, planets and birth chart, yet it was not until I made contact with Kaypacha and received my first evolutionary astrology reading in 2012 that I first tasted the true potential of what astrology could offer. I began to study under Kaypacha and was introduced to the works of Kaypacha’s teacher, the founder of evolutionary astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green, who brought forth the system I have devoted myself to studying and practicing ever since. Evolutionary astrology being a bridge between Western astrology and the Eastern philosophy brought more clarity to my life experience and purpose for being then I had ever dreamt was possible before; It is like being seen or located for the very first time.