In 2016, we swam in the deep waters of life. (Be sure to review my video from then.) Come 2017 we will feel a lot more energy and excitement! This is not a video to predict the events of 2017, but rather to give dates of some of the bigger transits and general idea of how we may feel differently in this year to come.

For a more detailed report, please be sure to listen to the latest Bridging Realities episode, where you will hear myself, my co-host and Dani and guest Astrologer Kelly Surtees rap about the trends!

Enjoy and may the events of 2017 be of highest benefit to all sentient beings!

15 thoughts on “Eugenia Krok – 2017 Astrology Forecast

  1. Fantastic video – I really enjoyed the “off-the-cuff” style 🙂 Thank you!

    P.S. I’ll be at the Astrology Rising gathering and am definitely looking forward to the Nodes shifting to Leo/Aquarius at that time (along with the many other energy shifts happening in 2017.) Yay for new beginnings in 2017!

  2. Generous and great offering Eugenia! Thanks! I really appreciate seeing this humble aspect of yourself today, as well as the more structured part of yourself you show usually.

    I do really find your talk inspiring and you helped me today finding some clarity in energies I feel since few months… Thanks again!!

  3. Wonderful Eugenia – thank you so much for the video. Thanks also to the Mercury retrograde throat infection for laying me low long enough to finally get round to watching this!
    I loved your free flow way of delivery, very authentic and hearty – more, please!
    This was the first I had heard of the August eclipse and rather excited I am too! The transiting Sun in my 12th house will trine exactly at 28 degrees my 9th house Mars in Aries while the transiting Uranus also conjuncts my Mars as it forms an exact trine to that Sun. Nothing happening in Aquarius but I will have transiting Uranus and Saturn transiting my Uranus at 26 Leo within 3 degrees of my AC at 29 Leo. What possibilities, what lightening strikes to expect? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear what you feel it may signify ?

    Love and blessings, Linda

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