This is Part Two of a two-part series on birthchart interpretation. In it, Kaypacha demonstrates how he prepares and delivers a personal chart reading. It contains the recording of an actual 1+ hour consultation. The client was born on August 2, 1966 at 2:25 am in Oakville, Canada.

On the website when people ask for a reading they are to include any questions/background or focus for the reading that they would like me to meditate on prior to our conversation. Here is what she included with her request:
"I am getting ready to launch a new business and a whole new 'career' path. It is of course bringing up a lot for me, as past attempts have not been 'successful'. I understand that it has all served, but am at an age now where I want the direction of my loving life-force energy to be in as much alignment as possible. Also, just extremely curious and absolutely love your take on life, and our brief passing here on this planet."

Either with your own software or, I encourage you to calculate and print the chart, follow along, and Injoy! (sorry about the poor sound quality and hope you can bear it, it improves toward the end.)

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