Costa Rica, Punta Mona

How do we manifest our relationships after the past year of purification? How do we breakthrough, or breakout, into the balance we all so desire? We have had so many personal roadblocks to finding that balance in our relationships. It’s time to make it real. Hail Jupiter in Libra to the rescue!

Join Kaypacha in his beloved Costa Rica for a unique and intimate opportunity to balance our relationships with self-care. In this experiential workshop, we will be learning how to make our relationships healthy and real through releasing the illusions, hurts, and frustrations of the past to transmute the chaos into balance through breath, kundalini yoga, astrology, and living in natural harmony at the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies for six nights and seven days.


We will be primarily focusing upon your masculine/feminine expression as revealed through Venus and Mars, then be looking at the composite chart of your relationship/s for the soul intention that brought you together, and then finally comparing the two charts for the “who’s who” of what is going on. This is a relationship workshop, and you need to either be in a relationship or figure out what happened in a previous one. It is not going to be about who is or how to “find my soul mate,” but about comprehending current and past life situations.

8-9 am: Yoga
9-10 am: Breakfast
10-1 pm: Astrology
1-2 pm: Lunch
2-4 pm: Free time
4-6 pm: Gathering to discuss what’s coming up for us emotionally/astrologically.
6 pm: Dinner
Evenings: Circle time, sharing, music, fun


Punta Mona is located on 85 beachfront acres on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Dedicated to teaching environmental awareness through conscious, positive, and creative solutions to the dilemmas facing the modern world centering around Permaculture principles and regenerative ways of living, this is a rare opportunity to go inward, without the distractions of the outside modern world.

Away from all cities and towns and modern technologies, surrounded by the calming Caribbean Sea and healing jungle, abundant flora and fauna, and medicinal plant love, we will go inward and forward to release the past and create anew. We will consciously transmute the chaos into balance. This transformative week includes:

  • Transport by boat to and from Manzanillo, Costa Rica, to the Punta Mona Center
  • Three vegetarian/vegan, mostly organic, jungle gourmet meals a day
  • Lodging in a double, triple, or single bungalow
  • A permaculture farm tour
  • Chocolate-making Workshop
  • Cacao body scrubs
  • Mud baths
  • Plenty of time in the sea and hammock
  • Wander the extensive gardens and jungle orchards
  • Night-sky star gazing
  • A rare opportunity to be off-grid and live the Pura Vida!


Double/Triple Occupancy: $1.000
Early-bird Price: $900

Single Occupancy: $1.250
Early-bird Price: $1.150

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