Topic: Experiential Astrology Class with Ari Moshe - Recording link below from March 13, 2017

In this class, Ari Moshe will hold space for an individual participants() to share openly with the group what is most present and real for them on their soul journey at this time. This person is invited to ask whatever questions are in the heart - wherever they are seeking healing or insight. Ari Moshe will respond directly to the soul needs of the individual, offering insight and support for their soul journey. As he does so,Β he will teach and illuminate the astrology of the natal chart. In this way, we will all learn astrology through direct experience of the living soul reality that the chart reflects. The group shared questions and reflections throughout the class as well. Volunteers were selected randomly.

Recording-1 (329 MB):

Audio Only-1 (34 MB):

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