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February 10, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I am going to master,
Going with the flow,
Gently moving the energy,
Not too fast or slow.

Hola Aquarians!

Welcome to the “new normal!” Yuck! You might say, at least that is what I’m saying these days! What it might be helpful to remember is that there is nothing “normal” about Aquarius. It is the archetype of the eccentric, unusual, futuristic, absent-minded professor, social upheaval, and revolution! So let’s not get stuck in any idea that the way things are now is how they are going to remain for long.

Jupiter is in Aquarius for the rest of the year (BIG upheaval), and Saturn won’t leave it for another two years. That’s just about the same time Pluto enters it (March 2023) and will transit until 2044! So really, folks, we’re barely out of the starting gate for this “new normal.”

There are quite a few wonderful aspects to take notice of this week. Besides the new Moon heralding possible new starts, discoveries, and opportunities, we’ve got a virtual Mercury/Venus/Jupiter conjunction going on for a week! That’s a lot (Jupiter) of sweet (Venus) talk (Mercury)!

Whether sharing ideas, insights, and revelations via social media or social distanced, the time to succeed and further our interests through mutual co-creative enterprises is NOW!

In fact, with Saturn in square to Uranus, we may all be facing the fact that nature and Life are forcing us to work together by giving us problems no one will solve alone. Aquarius “rules” the weather, and Taurus (where Uranus is currently setting up house) “rules” natural resources and physical survival.

Together, these two seem to be in cahoots regarding pushing large scale cooperation to deal with large scale unpredictable, extreme catastrophes. Whether it is glaciers breaking on shared borders, an airborne virus, air pollution, or severe weather, people, governments, and associations need to come together to deal with the dilemmas.

Of course, this also relates to forming new groups and associations according to shared beliefs regarding the social/political terrain. We’ll be seeing more and more splinter groups forming to promote their agendas.

In the US, top republicans are speaking of breaking away to form a new political party. We have anti-vaccine groups, anti 5G groups, pro and anti-Wall Street groups, pro and anti-immigration groups, pro and anti-women, and BLM. The list goes on and on.

The social fabric is disintegrating before our very eyes to reorganize itself in a more expanded and enlightened way. This will take time, so let’s ride it out together without losing too much sleep over the process.

I am going to master,
Going with the flow,
Gently moving the energy,
Not too fast or slow.

What a crazy day! I’m looking forward to a new Moon/start tomorrow after everything falls apart today, OMG. Aquarius and Uranus are known for quirky, kinky, funky goings-on, so it will be an exciting ride through this next month!

I hope you continue to reach out to new friends and neighbors and invent new ways of connecting to counterbalance all this Saturn in Aquarius social distancing. Blessings on your journey!

So Much Love,


This week’s song “Mind Games” by John Lennon

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