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February 17, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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When it comes to making changes,
The bigger, the more complex,
I need to examine the intricacies,
Then intuit what comes next.

Hola Aquarians!

The Sun may have moved into Pisces by the time you read this, but we still have a lot of Aquarius energy going on all year. While the first quarter square Moon in Gemini indicates challenges between fantasy/reality and being present versus spacing out, I discuss the two other major squares in the Pele Report. These are Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus (all year) and Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus (for another week or so).

While I spent some time on the Saturn/Uranus square in the report, let’s take a closer look at Venus square Mars. We all have a feminine/receptive/Venus “self” and a masculine/active/Mars “self,” regardless of gender/sex. These two yin/yang, inhale/exhale, take/give, day/night principles do a dance that is reflected beautifully in the celestial sky. They eternally shift between uniting, harmonizing, challenging, and adjusting from one to the other. Currently, there is challenging tension. This can be experienced inwardly, in our intimate partnerships, family, community, and outwardly in the world at large.

The challenges we’re facing now have to do with our ability to compromise and cooperate versus aggressively assert ourselves and remain self-centered in our relationships.

We may have a hard time with indecisiveness, knowing when to say yes and when to say no if we are pulled off-center by others and our need for love and connection. A poor self-image may lead to acts of revenge, suspicion, jealousy, promiscuity, and more. Problems may arise with joint finances, sexual adjustment, differing values, and possessiveness. Working through these issues can lead to deeper understanding, appreciation, balance, trust, and cooperation in all our relationships.

Let’s not forget that all “business” is founded upon trust. When trust is lacking within a relationship, business, or society at large, financial inequity, slowdowns, crisis, poverty, and crime can result. We may experience a sense of lack or be exposed to others’ lack, as Venus in Aquarius ultimately seeks to balance and relieve the pressure brought on by the Taurus, Martian, “every man for himself, survival of the fittest (or most entitled)” mentality. May you use these times to develop your own set of skills further, enabling you to stay open, trust, breathe, balance and experience love in all your relations.

When it comes to making changes,
The bigger, the more complex,
I need to examine the intricacies,
Then intuit what comes next.

So yes, you may be feeling blocked, stopped, or delayed these days as you envision a future and want to make it happen.

These two squares, Venus/Mars and Saturn/Uranus, along with Mercury stopping, indicate that we need to do just what the mantra says, pause, move into our observer, and examine the situation before going forward. It is a simple but often tricky step when we are emotionally invested (or disturbed) by what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling.

And yet, alas, that’s the game for 2021! I’m sure we will see many others rushing headlong into this or that. I’m not saying that nothing is moving forward. I’m saying that the wisdom of the stars is telling us that we’re in a significant shift with tremendous, extreme fluctuations ahead, so we need to stay on our toes, be ready to move, but also have done our homework as there’s a lot of BS flying around. The Sun moving into Pisces will make simply “going with the flow” even more tempting, but I repeat, it may be easy to be deceived, disillusioned, and let down if you don’t keep your eyes wide open. Blessings!

So Much Love,

Steely Dan went on tour and didn’t like it, so they stopped! It’s rare to see them live in concert as few have been done. However, here’s a great song!

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One Comment

  1. MichEl Stillman February 19, 2021 at 6:47 am - Reply


    The Solution we seek is HERE. It doesn’t take all of the 2020s to figure it out

    In abbreviated form.

    The Simple Solution to escaping this restricting political, economic System is to free up Philosophers Gold (Currency) and transition to Direct Participation via Roles, rather than Representatives.

    This post written addresses the 17th alignment.


    I think I’ve found One Key to this Year.

    I came to this on 2-17.

    The Democratic Party plays BOTH Old (Saturn) and New (Uranus).

    The Progressive Wing represented by AOC, Bernie (really the DSA -Democratic Socialists of America) desire Radical New Programs, while the BIDEN Manchin Conservative Wing are for Political and Structural Continuity.

    Unfortunately, the Democratic Party cannot Successfully be Both.

    Also, there is still the Play of Opposites with the Republican Party, continuing this Hundreds Years Factional Fissure.

    The 3 Recurring Saturn Uranus Squares of 2021 reflect this Interplay.

    Here is the Post that captures the Sabian Symbol of12 degrees of Class vs Egalitarianism.


    Piecemeal StovePipe Solutions

    Electoral Solutions that don’t Resonate with Current Small Owners, Corporations, Wall Street

    Self Identifies today with Class and Labor

    Government is an Other. There is no Self-Motivation or True Identity with Government run Corporations. Its Charity Work for the Masses, Resulting eventually in Corruption, Cronyism, Poor Quality.

    *Fails to Identify the Root Cause of Economic Slavery, Stranglehold of Capital via Loan Model, vs an Inexhaustible Energy Source.

    *This could be used to Retire at current Lifestyle – Military, Landlords, Bankers, Stockholders, Management, Congress, Government Departments

    *Non-Holistic View of Humans, who should play many Integrated Self-Interested Roles concurrently (World Sovereign, Steward-Property Owner, Creator, Manifestor, Consumer).

    Here is my comments on fixing the Faction problem you describe. Posted by me as Archangel Michael in

    These Posts are just ahead of Mercury Retrograde stationing at 12 degrees.

    See if Kaypacha’s Sabian Symbol reading resonates.

    Start 4:57

    Kaypacha says the Feb 17th Alignments reveal us to be Fragmented Groups that cannot get along.

    Reconcile The Opposites.
    Try and think of yourself as a Real Person that may have all these groups inside you, which manifest in your Personal Life or Attitudes, depending on the Situation.
    Even the Poorest person is a Property Owner of some type.

    Your King/Sovereign Rules Them All and Directs Each One Appropriately.

    As far as Class Differences, your MIND (UPPER CLASS) Orders Your BODY (LOWER CLASS) to Work.

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