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What is my identity
Outside my social role?
It's not what people think or say,
But my connection to my Soul.


Venus symbolizes the manner in which a soul connects to the body and she is in conjunction with Pluto, the symbol of evolutionary change this week.  In this report I go further into depth regarding some long term transits that we are experiencing now from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology.  I quote from Jeffrey Wolf Green's book (see link to it on Amazon below) that gives a unique, (but rather obvious with today's current affairs!) perspective.  It's not easy giving birth to a new paradigm!


Not discussing the Mercury square Jupiter so much here, but we can see this first 1/4 square as indicating a "coming out", speaking of the new beliefs/insights born with the conjunction last December 12th and his recent conjunction with Neptune.  Let's open those floodgates between the left and right brain to allow expanded consciousness to rule the day! 





So Much Love,

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3 thoughts on “February 20, 2019 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. WOW…your reports feed my soul.. I see the bigger picture with every planetary connection…

    I have a question…What ( if actual) years in the past did this upcoming alignment occur…
    Thank you


  2. Kaypacha,
    I watch you faithfully because I usually find your channel to be wide open, your “improv” if you will (I am so taken and participate in the synergistically of such), to be so potent and acute in regard to the planetary energetics you focus through…
    However, when you veer from yourself, and get diluted in your own energetic power by siphoning intent through others, even those you admire, your teacher, your wife, etc…I LOSE so much of the essence and potency of the report and why I seek it.
    I know we are dealing with expansiveness in personal houses, the ascension as well as the discerning innards, and that mix can be heavy and confusing, but trusting your own interpretation is valuable throughout,

    Blessed be, so so much love

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kaypacha – for all you do, for all you bring, for all you share.
    Deepest, deepest gratitude to you!

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