Water Water Everywhere! Astrology Immersion with Kaypacha

In this workshop, we will explore the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and planets Moon, Neptune and Pluto in your natal birth chart. Through this exploration we will see where your soul is seeking new birth, change and transformation in this life.

The element of water reveals the mystery around the feminine, emotional and spiritual change. “Water as the source of all life” may well have it’s roots springing from Pisces, (the 12th, or pre and post) sign of the zodiac.

During Envision 2018, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Neptune are in Pisces, symbolizing the great release of all the ties that bind as part of opening to our infinite spiritual nature.  Jupiter, the principle of expansion, in Scorpio again has themes of dying to old, stagnant expressions of our passionate self, and the festival will end with the Moon in the water sign of Cancer creating a grand trine!

You’ll be sent your horoscope beforehand along with Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101” 8 week webinar (free!) to orient you to your chart before even arriving!  That way we can go deep into both why the $%^&* you’re here AND what is emerging for you at the time of the festival.

We hope you will join us! CLICK HERE to find out more and purchase tickets!

We hope you will join us! CLICK HERE to find out more and purchase tickets!



3 thoughts on “Envision Festival, Costa Rica

  1. Oh wow! The poster is soooo Beautiful Mamamia, I wish I could join in…This festival look absolutely fantastic opportunity ;& your Water Signs workshop could not be place at a better timing too! Having a couple of Grand water trine in my BC , I am so very interesting in learning more about this/these particular aspects ,even more now that I see it is also related to spiritual changes. Please consider if doing a video on this topic fr our community would be possible. So Much Love xox

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