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February 23, 2022 Astrology Forecast

February 23, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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It’s time to say goodbye,
To things that might have been,
But tho the night is dark and still,
The Sun will rise again.

Dear Spiritual Warriors,

While this week’s Pele Report focuses more upon the personal experience of what is now occurring astrologically, there is also a more extensive, collective experience that needs to be taken into consideration. Mercury approaching Saturn indicates a time to make crucial decisions. You can look at the sign, house, and aspects of 18 degrees Aquarius to see where these decisions need to be made for you, yourself.

In addition, The Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction occurring now through next week indicates a time when it is necessary to summon up our power from the deepest recesses of our souls to stand as our own authorities lest our dignity and self-determination are compromised. The Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces indicate that it will require personal sacrifice to do so, as the outcome will be more for the good of the collective than our personal advancement.

I expect some announcements made, mandates, or laws enacted over these coming days/weeks by external authorities acting on behalf of spiritual forces who do not have humanity’s best interests (our right to evolve as individuals freely) in mind/heart. I am attaching an article by Dr. Naomi Wolf which, in my mind, sums up (just about) the intentions and anticipated actions by the powers that be. Please read it and follow the links for a complete understanding of what we are truly facing. I first saw the videos of this nano-technology months ago but am still seeking the best means to relay this information without being censored.

We’re looking at a big push by Ahrimanic forces (see Rudolf Steiner’s work for a deeper understanding of the spirit Ahriman) to reduce the human experience to one of 3D materialism. The initiatives have begun but are by no means near their end. This is a challenge that requires our dedicated effort and awareness to stop. I foresee it continuing in full force through 2025/2026. The Saturn/Neptune conjunction in early Aries will begin a new cycle of either enlightened evolution or further decline.

While we may feel insignificant in the face of the powerful (Pluto in Capricorn) institutions and lawmaking bodies, hopefully, this does not deter us from what I consider to be our duty to future generations and the intention of our incarnation at this time. In our own unique way, each of us, and with the influence that we have in whatever measure, can make a difference. Though Mahatma Gandhi was but one man, he began a peaceful revolution that freed India.

Rudolf Steiner predicted these days were coming over 100 years ago. His central teachings revolve simply around the need for humanity to be AWARE that these forces exist and are acting against our highest evolutionary intentions as a species. With the knowledge that we have of the underlying, “occult,” or hidden agendas and forces at work, the more we can expose the truth of what is happening to any and everyone, the better chance we have of aborting the dark agenda being actively imposed upon us.

I encourage you to take every opportunity to peacefully resist the ridiculous mandates being imposed upon us and take every opportunity to educate everyone who questions or challenges you as a result. Start the uncomfortable conversation, and sacrifice your time and energy out of sincere caring for those less informed to help them become more aware. 

To me, this is the highest expression of the Pisces energy now being transmitted, a selfless, spiritual goal of liberating ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and future generations. With these thoughts in our hearts and minds, it is not so much about whether we “get our way” or not, but that we did everything we possibly could for the betterment of our human family. While it may “slow us down,” the time we take out of our personal striving to aid and assist others will come back to us tenfold, I am sure—many blessings!

It’s time to say goodbye,
To things that might have been,
But tho the night is dark and still,
The Sun will rise again.

OMG, I always turn the camera off and think of more stuff I should’ve said! So, here’s a couple more. One, surrendering does not always involve loss! You may surrender to love, open your heart, let go of your “power,” and surrender to another person. You may surrender to Source, “All I want to do is help as many people as I can before I die.” Surrendering your will to Divine will. 

Second, whether it is the tides, a sine wave, or crypto=currency, “What goes up must come down (and back up again!).” It’s perhaps best to remember that you never lose what is truly yours, and if you let it go, it will come back. 

Third, after turning off the camera, I got my stuff, stood up, and headed home. I stepped on a loose rock, and it turned, and my foot, with my cork Birkenstock, went right in the water. And I said, “Damn!” You’re not supposed to get those cork Birks wet! It then occurred that I could’ve twisted my ankle and been messed up for days. Let’s remember – it can ALWAYS be worse! That can help us stay in an attitude of gratitude… 

This week’s song by Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

So Much Love,

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