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February 27, 2019 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast


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Acceptance and compassion,
For myself and every other,
Will stop the offence and soothe the defense,
So that we can come together.


Yup indeed, one of the challenges with opening our consciousness, seeing and knowing more, is staying humble.  Not looking down our noses or assuming we know another’s reality without listening, feeling into, and truly being present with and for them.  We are so diverse it is a miracle we share the same physiology!


Another challenge with the Aquarian revolution is finding how to create change, remove limiting social,religious, political institutions and outdated beliefs gracefully and with love.  Jupiter in square to Neptune this year can actually serve delusional beliefs among individuals, groups, or nations that they are somehow superior resulting in fanaticism disguised in many forms.


Hence the mantra.  Let’s keep those hearts open, inquisitive and more in awe than judgement, eh?



So Much Love,

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  1. Michele Davies February 28, 2019 at 4:38 am - Reply

    Thank you, I can offer your idea compassion.
    I believe with the energy of defence and apology more issue may come.
    I like your reports and find them useful. I don’t mind that you are ‘goofy’ at times. I can hear your masculine lens, when you speak about ‘The Master”, The Universe, being male, this male perspective stuff is ancient. And that’s okay, I’m use to it, being a woman who has grown up in a patriarchal paradigm. We all want to feel better about ourselves via some retribution for how we have suffered in our lifetimes. I agree with you, why cant we all just accept (even when acceptance is loaded for some as a privilege and others a burden) I’m tired with the battle of one being more right than another. I suppose humility would be very valuable in support of compassion. To know that our opinions will always offend someone and to take responsibility for that is love. To know that most of our opinions are perhaps not fully ours and simply the viewpoints of our context and ancestors is to be deeply honest and authentically true. We can be awake to a new possibility creating ourselves in the now.

  2. polly February 28, 2019 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    Sweet Pele Report. Let there be joy.

  3. Cara Seaira O'Brien March 3, 2019 at 12:11 am - Reply

    Sat nam KayPacha! 🙂

    i appreciate your pele reports and your fierce allowance for being just as we are and with effort in our awareness of self for huwmanity and earth. . so, yes, here’s a wide wholistic solution for the gender exclusion problem that has been, and with the power of the word and understanding energy roots to behavioral patterns, i find a grAnd solution for our species in evolving the patriarchal spelling of human to #huwman for finally the #BioLogicalinclusion of the #w , honoring the woman & womb & Webs of life that provide for huwmankind to survive and thrive!:) .. for the unique yin & yang WM balancing blend of our own body’s song.. WM we can see a wavelength of heartbeat & spectrum for all genders & skin, huwman – a unity in diversity:)) . . sOo just wanted to share that Aquarian Age, Condor & Eagle essence that’s in huwman, o la palabra humanoa , , you’re welcome to share this evolved wholistic spelling too!:)
    : : since 2010 The HuWoManiFeSTO was co-created ,(website for global movement of equality in our species living #ecologically with the webs-of-life, finally launched later the same night i met the ancient lemurian quartz crystal dolphin skull!:D message deliveringgg for earth;s children::))) .. ceramic artifacts have been made (the first in Arequipa:) check out if ya’d like for more!:) . .

    My name is Cara Seaira Paramdhyana Kaur and im a kundalini yoga teacher too , artist, and wholistic healing practitioner with reiki and depth hypnotherapy if ya eva want to collaborate in a workshop or retreat . . *:)

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