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There's a tremendous amount of damage and pain,
That can result from just being "free."
As the path to liberation is teaching me that,
Love is not just all about me.

Tricky times, indeed!  Life can feel very overwhelming, too much coming too fast, more than we can control until we throw up our hands and go AHHHHH!  Lemme outa' here!  We can want to escape, return to innocence, freedom, spirit, the void, anywhere but here!  We could go so far as to refuse boundaries, blow off commitments, abandon others, tell little white lies to get out of the crunch, to just relax and breathe again.  We could get sneaky or resort to substance abuse just to numb or chill out... Hypersensitivity is the name of the game.

As mentioned in the report, the way out of this is to go through it and beyond it.  Surrender to it, to the other, to the world, to the service, to the project, to the future.  Having the faith, hope, and trust, that there is a time-- there WILL BE a time when today's dreams will manifest before our very eyes in our very lives.  "What goes around, comes around," is the old saying and this is a time to serve, give, and really show up for, heal, and connect with the other in an honoring and devotional way.  Lifting the other will lift oneself. Go ahead, splurge on somebody, be a big tipper, give more than you think you can afford, spread the love.


9 thoughts on “February 28, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Wow. Listening to around 4:15 where you say Pisces wants to take us up up up and Virgo wants to Bring is down. And mars is saying more more.

    I had an intense dream last night. Where I was co pilot in an aircraft flying over the water and the pilot mark (mars) kept going up up up and he hit the top of a tree and the rotor blades broke and we came down down down (Virgo). I thought I would crash to the ground but I passed through a wall of water as I fell which softened the blow and I was fine.

    I’m convinced our dreams at big moments like full moons sometimes mirror the astrological energy. It would make sense. As we sleep the brain processes the energy. When we wake we live the day with that energy. Natures way of keeping us plugged into the grid perhaps.

    Just had to share my dream asyoir words resounded withme.

  2. Hahaha minute 18. As you’ve talked about rising higher and higher and then you say “or that mars” and I hear a branch crack in the background. As my dream. I rose high but hit a branch and fell. Wow.

  3. Would you ever consider coming to a very small town? There might not be hundreds of us, but there are sincere people who would love to see/experience you. Hugs!

  4. I would love to be a radical militant new-ager but Jesus and my cat won’t allow it. They also prevent me from being vegan. Oh, let me tell you about how Im going to conclude the world by controlling others.

  5. It always feels as if you have seen my life & what’s going on , then you talk about it ! Thank goodness you exist, these reports help me so much !!! Blessings beautiful brother 🙏 Tarnie

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