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It's good to step out and look ahead,
Reinventing myself anew,
As long as I don't get stuck in my head,
But keep my heart open too.

I know, I know, I know, some people will not relate to this Pele Report because there are a couple "manifestations" of the energy going on now. On the one hand you can be giving in to the heavy Capricorn energy and not allowing yourself to take time off work. Some may suppress the need of Mars/Sag to wander and wonder in order to meet all the demands that are coming down the pipeline these days.

However, I think this will get harder and harder as the Sun comes to square Jupiter and Mars comes to square Neptune. We're coming into a time for artists, lovers, and gypsies and I hope you let it out! Some astrology reports will caution you against over indulgence, yet, we can also consider that within every cycle there is a period of, in a way, "fertilization." When we open our minds and our hearts to the wonder and awe of nature, the world, love, other people, and let our hearts melt and open further, this leads to growth, evolution, and deeper awareness. May you take the time for personal, inner growth, and not be led, scared, or manipulated by external power or influence to really grow as a spiritual being. Injoy!

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8 thoughts on “February 7, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Coming out from the woodwork to comment. Yikes. OMG, you killed me with the opening line by the river. lmao. I would be doing the same, saying the same on such a beautiful day!! Seeing the river and hearing it…nature calls. My Sag being, I think, has just been reawakened after years of being asleep. What a timely reminder. Stay in the heart and reach out, give through the heart. Let that heart glow, shine…set it free to love. So needed to hear this report –something was released as it has been a tug of war. Listening to your reports and webinars over the last few years, I have been reminded about a lot, learning a lot–not to mention astrology. Thank you Kaypacha for being my teacher and mirror.

  2. WOW !! Ty so very much fr the time taken to share yr footage of this frikken beautiful Maccuchas River sights & The amazingly old Treee rooted on this big rock ;all of yr intro was sooooo beautifilled !! The report was maybe shorter , But I’am glad you made it :o) , eventhough you were more Fully into the moment of jumping rocks fun time ! Good for YOU & all the Ones who can do it too…

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