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It's time for me to let go of the past,
Not just by walking away,
But by closing space with heartfelt grace,
So we can say all we need to say.


We have a lunar followed by a solar eclipse which means we have an emotional release of the past before we can really create the new future. In the past, astrologers always looked at eclipses in a negative light and foretold war and famine, etc. I will say that they upset the status quo but that if you are prepared, and especially if you are an agent of change and growth, these periods can fertilize and water your garden of change! Time to step out and be seen! Got for it!

10 thoughts on “February 8, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hi Kaypacha,
    Kind regards to you.
    I have been viewing your Weekly Pele Reports for a couple of years now!
    I can honestly say I love everything you say.
    I gain a real Sense of who I Am. I effortlessly Connect in a Heartfelt Spiritual Way. Thats a Joyous & Beautiful feeling amidst the Chaos & uncontrolable Modern Day nonsense the rest of the World seems shackled to in their thinking. Free Thinking is a Delightful necessity.
    So from my Heart to yours let’s open the Freedom gates & FM w in Gratitude & Grace. As Humanity Rises from the Dust of the Past.
    Much Love & Greetings from my current Home in Forster NSW on the East Coast of NSW.
    I’ve been living with my Dad John, since late October, keeping him Company given he has in the past year been diagnosed with a very Rare Blood Disease. My Mum June was diagnosed with Alzhiemers Dementia disease & unfortunately now in Care in a Dementia Specific Facility. I would of Cared for her myself, that is what I know she would of wanted. But instead, it was decided for her to be placed into Care Home. My Brother stopped the plans both my Dad & I agreed on what would be Best. Anyway, I just wanted to convey my Gratitude for your Wisdom & Heartfelt Intelligence. I’m Cancerian by the way!
    Much Love

  2. oh my god your grace your perfection this is so straight line to the source and its so wonderful that your heart is so full of light and humour ;] thank you

  3. Thank you for the LIGHT you bring into our lives!!!
    You said you were going to Italy this summer. Do you know when? I’d like to participate again in one of your workshops, bus as I live in Portugal, Italy is “in the neighborhood”, so ir would be easier for me.
    Thank you!
    So much love…

  4. Kaypacha…we met only briefly this time last year at Envision. I didn’t want to bend your ear too much that day, but you’ve regularly guided and supported some amazing transitions in my life with your wisdom. A lifelong lyricist, i truly appreciate the mantras and your authentic playful uniqueness as a being. Namaste.

  5. hi do you know that some people have genes that predispose them to obesity? It might not be their fault to be fat. Plus the ennviorment has created the obesity epidemic worldwide.

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