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First Quarter Moon 19º Cancer April 9, 2022


〰️ Feel the deeper feelings 〰️

The First Quarter Moon during the Aries cycle guides us into the house of Cancer and asks us to take a moment to stop and feel. Here at the midpoint between the new and the full moon, we reach a pinnacle moment where our actions need to be judged and assessed to assure the most optimal outcome at the fruition stage of the soon coming Full Moon.

In Cancer, we must pause and take the time to integrate our experiences so that we can seize the opportunity to glean deeper knowledge that can only be gained through the emotional intelligence that our feelings have to offer. Here we are.

It’s about assessing whether your deepest needs, wants, and feelings are being honored within the current course of action that you are on. Is what you are doing working for you on the most personal level? And, if not, what now needs to shift?

Cancer’s most beautiful contribution is the ability to be present with what one feels on the deepest level and therefore be in touch with oneself and care for others based on the others’ most personal self.

The natural tension between Aries and Cancer humbles us on a very personal level. It is where our need to take and have what we want meets our need for safety and security. It is the Masculine Warrior facing the Divine Mother. Neither has more power over the other. They are equally equipped in their own right.

So here is where we contend with courageous action and the necessity of assertion of individual will (Aries), and where we are brought to our knees in vulnerability by the need to feel secure in love, in bonds, in life (Cancer).

What must you do that feels absolutely right for you on the most personal level of becoming? Where must you leave your comfort/safety zone and take a risk, be courageous, and fight for your life? This may sound a bit intense, but it’s Aries Season! It is intense! It’s a “do or die” mentality, and it’s powerful. It’s about change, initiating the new, choosing your direction, and taking charge of your life!

On this day, Jupiter has finally come to the exact degree in Pisces to meet with Neptune. They are hand in hand for over the next week amplifying the Piscean lessons towards creative imagination, surrendering to the “letting go,” and having faith in the unseen. But beware of escapism tendencies as we seek to cope with the overwhelm happening one way or another in our lives.

This is a time to have faith in your dreams and visions and believe in your potential to live your most optimal life. Miracles do happen! Trust the process.

Venus has now entered Pisces and will join with Neptune and Jupiter near the end of April. This holds the potential to offer some purely dreamy energy for tapping into divine love and ultimate “dream come true” moments in our relationships with ourselves and others. Escapism and denial remain an option, so stay focused on the dream and stay centered in the heart!

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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