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First Quarter Moon at 19º Capricorn Oct 12, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ Interconnectedness 〰️

Coming through the first week of a New Moon phase guides us through the opening of yet another gateway, like the entrance to a beautiful garden ripe with possibility, we have fresh fertile ground beneath us. New Moon’s birth us into new unrealized potential. Day by day life takes form, and growth inspires more growth. From within, we realize ourselves and get to witness it all about in the world reflected around us – manifested and interconnected.

We have entered Venus and Mars territory where the polarity of masculine and feminine stands on its axis, rotating us around a center of self that is unified by the other. Here it’s all about self/other, individuality/partnership, reaching out and reaching for, separating and uniting. Where attraction, repulsion, instincts, sensuality, and impulses come into active play. Whether we are in relationship with the mountain we are scaling, the fight we are fighting for, or the person/people we are standing by, it’s all about our need for connection with ourselves as much as with another.

In Aries, we stand as an individual courageous, self-empowered, willful, driven by one’s own desire, intention, and need to experience itself up against the world and all its challenges. We need to feel inspired and embodied in our power to take life on and succeed.

Who are we if not shared, witnessed, and experienced by another?

In Libra, we are enlivened, realized, and fully turned on by our connection to others. To be able to understand, empathize, and be in service to another; to co-create, and interrelate expands our outer world and enriches our inner worlds giving depth to ourselves.

The Aries and Libra archetypes are a dance between personal desire and that of another. It’s a challenge to not lose ourselves in the needs and lives of another but to learn how to gracefully balance the tensions between the inner and outer. To accept relationships as gifts to reflect and mirror, to support and enhance ourselves and each other, and to also gauge where we are in relationship to it all.

This month, Mars is traveling hand in hand with the Sun and will be opposing the upcoming Aries Full Moon. Mars lends for a very dynamic, feisty, even volatile presence as it demands a high level of action. With Mars so strong on the scene, we are likely to feel a need to assert our desires, opinions, and needs, and if we do not do so, frustration, irritation, and anger can threaten to run the show.

This cycle is very much about getting clear and balanced with yourself and others regarding all things “relationship.” Remedying the extremes and coming into harmony with your life and your partnerships is what Libra cycles call for. Mars is granting us the power to take a stand in what you believe in, to take charge of your life and your destiny, your energy, and your intention.

With Venus having just spent the past week passing by the South Node of the Moon (our past), fated and karmic relationship dynamics have been emerging from the deepest recesses of the psyche. During transits like these, confrontations with the past, the unresolved and unrealized, make their way to the surface. Venus has a way of accessing the deepest secrets and longings of the heart and unearthing them into the light.

In the past, therein dwells always a seed of the promise of the future destiny awaiting. An interface with the past will always reveal what potential there is to become in the future. This week destiny has been whispering through the conflicts and challenges, reminding us of where we are going.

Today, on Tuesday, October 12th, we have arrived at the First Quarter Moon. The “crisis in action” phase where like at the crossroads, we are offered an opportunity to shift gears and choose a different direction to continue towards.
First-quarter moon days can often present a challenge or conflict to bring awareness to certain things you are doing or not doing that may need adjustment. This is a powerful stage in the cycle where we can look at how we are taking action (or not) in our lives and take the opportunity now to make corrections or initiate a new direction.
Depending on where you are in your life, it can present as a good idea to help your garden grow or an actual warning cautioning you against risking harvest the bounty altogether.
The upcoming Full Moon in one week will surely shed light upon the nature of our deepest connections and relationship dynamics and how well we are nourished or not by them.



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