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First Quarter Moon at 19º Pisces Dec 10, 2021


〰️ Revelations 〰️

As can be seen from this week’s chart, the energy is predominately described/felt/reflected in the Venus conjunction to Pluto. That La Luna is also conjunct Neptune in Pisces underscores the need for us to truly embrace our spiritual practice and open, maintain, and strengthen the channels of communication between ourselves and the spiritual world. Our third dimensional ego/time/space/material concerns can run high and take us away, dampen, and even damage our sense of connectedness with Spirit and “All That Is.”

This is a time period of tremendous change in the outer, physical, financial, political world, there is no doubt. While we do not want to be as ostriches sticking our heads in the sand, we also do not want to take this material world, called “Maya,’ or “illusion,” in the east, as the only or ultimate “reality.” We are poised between the worlds of Spirit and Matter to consciously unite them, not get lost in one of the other. With Mars entering Sagittarius and Mercury entering Capricorn it is a week of “getting serious about our work” in both worlds! This may involve writing, speaking, teaching, and traveling to either give or receive teachings that help unite the worlds.

On an inner level, we see that once Mars goes into Sag, he will immediately be in conjunction with the south node of the Moon and will oppose her when she enters Gemini on Thursday the 16th. We are “wrapping up” the one and a half years of the nodes in Gemini/Sag, and the magnitude of information (and misinformation) being shared is coming to a head somehow. More truth(s) shall be revealed both inwardly and publicly as la Luna waxes to full by Saturday, the 18th.

Keep one eye out for revelation and one eye in for illumination, and this can be a week of intense “education!”

So Much Love,

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