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First Quarter Moon at 19º Taurus Feb 8, 2022


〰️ Confront the limitations 〰️

This Tuesday, we have the Moon in Taurus coming into a ninety-degree square with first Saturn and then the Sun, both in Aquarius. With Mercury still in a long conjunction with Pluto while Venus and Mars both continue their transit together through Capricorn, we can count on a week of dealing with bureaucracy, limits, and delays, whether self-imposed or imposed from without. The stakes are high, the costs are high, the consequences perhaps severe, and we better get our act together, or we could get in some awful situations. So let’s break the messages from the stars down in greater detail.

You may refer back to last week’s lunar planner for the new Moon, where the basic message was that it’s time to wake up the wagon train, pack it up, get on our horses, and ride. The first quarter square has to do with overcoming the pull of the past and pushing ourselves forward into the future. Unfortunately for us, we all have a lot of both internal childhood programing and external authority systems deeply ingrained that are not in service to our highest expression. This has created a situation wherein we need to confront these limitations, break our programming, and with self-love in our hearts and clarity of purpose in our mind and will, say “No more, I will not be stopped.”

There is a revolution in the air both within our psyches and our external surroundings. Like slaves rebelling against their unjust enslavers, we need to summon up the confidence, fortitude, commitment, and endurance to stand for ourselves “permanently.” You may now need to eradicate old parental/societal limiting beliefs that you’re not good enough, smart enough, deserving enough, ready, or need to prove yourself more before getting what you want, or external authorities, family members, government mandates, travel restrictions, banking, credit, tax, inflated prices, or “security” measures online, that take you to the limit of patience and acceptance. Like a flower breaking through concrete, we need to summon all our strength and PUSH.

Fortunately, we have Mars in trine to Uranus, Pluto in trine to the north node, Mercury moving on into Aquarius, and Venus marching with Mars at her side right up the courthouse steps to face off with Pluto (sorry, not until March 3!). These aspects reflect an inner unity and a clearer vision of just what we want and don’t want, and some powerful red, kundalini energy rising within to aid us in our striving toward a better future. 

This week the Moon is waxing toward a powerful full Moon in Leo that will genuinely roar. She will move through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer between now and then, growing stronger every day. We have been dealing with psychological (Mercury) and deep emotional (Venus/Moon) transformation since they both descended into Pluto’s underworld in December. There has been (and continues to be) an end to our innocence resulting in grief and anger at the loss, but also maturity and resolve that empower us to deal objectively, seriously, and with eyes wide open in all our relationships. Venus went back to get some reinforcement from Mars (willpower), and we are now fully equipped to engage full on with physical, emotional, mental, internal and external forces that have been blocking our road to full self-expression. 

Time to take a deep breath and “Do It!” You’ll be glad you did.

So Much Love,

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