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First Quarter Moon at 27º Virgo June 17, 2021

by Sol W Jonassen

〰️ Gestation 〰️

The general feeling in the air is one of gestation. Something is brewing, and there are enough aspects that are waxing to produce that feeling. Mercury is also finishing up its retrograde motion and will be fixed in on the 16th degree of Gemini for most of the week. This intense focus is on realizing deeper and hidden dynamics, and the waxing Venus-Pluto opposition, the ingress of the Sun into Cancer the 21st, and the waxing Moon set the tone for the week. Something is cooking, and it will surface very soon!

As the second of three exact squares between Uranus and Saturn is also operating, the dichotomy of the old vs. the new can lead to a feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You know very well what you want to let go of, but the new world is still hazy and unknown. This can lead to a sense of chaos and inner turmoil, but as the myth goes: “In the beginning, it was chaos!” Learning how to breathe through it and be one with the change is part of the cosmological cocktail you can sip generously this week.

Towards the end of the period, the Sun will trine Jupiter, fresh into its retrograde motion. A reassessment of your beliefs is due. Attitude is everything, and now you will see that your inner faith is of utmost importance. Keep your eyes on the path, and remember to look up and see the bigger picture. It is easy to lose sight when Mercury is stationary.

A sweet and beautiful trine from Venus to Neptune is also forming and will spread its grace and beauty in the most surprising way. Surround yourself with that which pleases not just the eyes but also nourishes the soul. A silent moment of pure presence is often medication enough to give you that little extra juice that you need in order to move forward. Venus-Neptune is music, art, love, and romance. Let your romantic heart be seen! And if energy builds up, use that Mars in Leo to express yourself!

Sol W Jonassen

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