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    Jeannie Pitt

    CLICK HERE for the recording link for this webinar. Enjoy!

    Kaypacha’s February 2015 Q&A has been scheduled for Saturday, February 28th at 8am Pacific time.

    If you have any questions for Kaypacha for this webinar, please reply to this topic below with your question. The recording will be a video that will be published publicly to all the community members.


    1. We do not use names on the charts that will be seen publicly during the webinar. But your chart will be seen by other participants of the community, so please keep this in mind before commenting.

    2. If you have requested your chart through the Free Chart link on the community menu, we have your details. If not, please be sure to leave your date, time and place of birth in the comment, otherwise, we may not get to your question.

    3. Sometimes there are more questions than Kaypacha can address during the 1.5 hour webinar. Please be sure your question is a general one and helpful to everyone, as he will choose those types of questions to answer first.


    Example: I am having a terrible time in my relationship right now. Can you tell me what planets in my chart indicate this and when it will be over?

    Better example: I see that I have Saturn in Scorpio in the seventh house of relationship in my birthchart. Right now Saturn is going through Scorpio too, can you tell me what this means?

    CLICK HERE to register for access and email reminders for this webinar event.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by  Jeannie Pitt.
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    Hey Kaypacha!
    I have a stallium in my 7th house. How does one work with such an arrangement? I think these days I’m feeling pretty clear that I need to focus on the 1st house Aries polarity point,but I just wonder if it’s possible for someone with this heavy house to actually succeed in a relationship without it getting all twisted, dramatic, or just short lived. I’m currently healing from a divorce. My progressed chart may add some info here and curious about your thoughts in that regard… My progressed Mercury will go direct in the 7th house and shortly after I’ll have a progressed new moon early in the 8th house.
    Any info you can share would be great- thank you!


    Laurel Miller

    Hi Kaypacha! I am still learning a lot about my natal chart in anticipation of your reading in June. However right now I am in a huge transition after having being forced (lovingly by the universe) to surrender my current career path that has very much felt like I was fulfilling my life purpose.
    As I look for ways to heal until a new path is clear, I look to my chart.
    My Specifics:
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    Jupiter 27 degrees Aries 58′ 5″
    It is my AC in Aries in the first house (so my purpose?) But it’s retrograde! (And the only planet in my chart in R)
    If Jupiter is represented as how we seek to grow and improve ourselves, as well as future development. What would this mean for me as it’s Retrograde?
    Does this mean my purpose is learning to let go? That I’ll find my purpose in Work?

    I notice that my 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 11th houses are all vacant. If I look to the opposite side of the chart from each house. Houses 2 and 8 are vacant in direct opposition and the 5th and 11th houses are as well. These houses surround pleasure, sex, comfort, family, children, friends..

    Does this indicate that these are the things I need to draw into to balance my heavily service/ work/ heavy chart?

    Appreciate any insight!

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    Thank you Kayapacha! Without going into all the backstory…concerning a lovely and intense relationship turned sour on a dime: Everything was not as it seemed. We worked hard on ourselves but something literally snapped it 180° (total crazy town) in March. In your experience… concerning Scorpio moon w/Cap sun (me) and Scorpio Sun w/Sag moon(him) making good on soul contracts this year? I’m a complete newbie and have been following along with your past few q&a’s. Im hearing you say 2015 is a great time to stop and think about the insanity of last year, regroup, right the wrongs, negotiate, to clear and re-emerge to love in a new way. In my life path, I’m working as a bodyworker and finishing a TCM program through this year in Acupuncture. Very all heart work.
    Yolanda Calle


    Carolyn k Cornish

    Carolyn k Cornish
    Oct. 1 1948
    6:13pm Montreal Quebec

    Hello Kaypacha,

    The Sun is presently conjunct Neptune. My Natal Sun is Conjunct Natal Neptune, but in Libra. I was wondering if this is of any significance.. Especially now.

    Having just retired from the “educational” system as a resource teacher, I will continue working 1-1 with children who have basic issues with math and Reading/Writing in my own home. On a volunteer basis I would do the same at the elementary school across. I think it will be even more fun and satisfying.

    Is this a good time to put my shingle out? Can’t say I like the organizing part.

    Thank you for all the wisdom and laughter you bring.

    Carolyn kc


    Hi Kaypacha!

    I’m really interested in Mars conjunct Venus and what this means in a natal chart like mine where Mars, Venus, and my Sun are all conjunct in Capricorn. I’m excited by the current Mars/Venus conjunction and those coming up later this year (the energy feels great to me), but I’ve encountered so many others who are more than a little pissed about the whole thing–feeling that we’re all still too polarized and not remotely ready to even think about integrating, as strong as the patriarchy stands (ie. the feminine needs a few more years at least). Would you read a Mars/Venus conjunction in a natal chart as a plus in terms of being of service in integration of the masculine and feminine? In other words, do you think I should be looking for ways to help lead in this regard since the idea of integration is not at all appalling to me?

    Here’s my birth info for reference, but if you can answer this as a general question, that would be fine, too: January 17, 1962 at 2:10 a.m. in Corvallis, Oregon.

    Thanks so much, really enjoy and appreciate your insight,



    cindy r

    Hi Kaypacha!
    Can you tell us where to look in our charts for indicators about our children? 5th house? Any tips? I have Uranus 15′ & Mercury 18’in the 5th.
    Also, I have 2 boys, the elder a Taurus sun/Aquarius rising – his natal north node is conjunct my natal Moon (16′ Aries)
    & the younger an Aries sun/Virgo rising (his natal sun is conjunct my natal mercury, his natal saturn 14′ aries to my natal moon 16′ aries).
    cindy 7/25/59 11:22pm Chicago
    son #1 5/13/96 1:45am Chicago
    son #2 4/16/97 4:15pm Chicago



    I have a simple question really. Charts I have had done in the past used other house systems and that puts my sun sign, Aries, in the 12th house. However, with the porphyry system that you used on the free chart, my sun sign is now in the 11th house and because you have included Black Moon Lilith, I now have something in Aquarius whereas I had nothing before. Just looking at the 2 different charts, this seems to also have resulted in many more squares and oppositions than in the charts I’ve had in the past so it seems that the simple change in setting up my chart may have more influence than it seems at first glance. Can you comment on this? The way my life has gone, it seems that the increase in difficult aspects is correct : )

    I have given you my info for the free chart but in case: 3/26/48, Savannah, GA, 8:05 a.m.

    Thanks so much!



    Lace Chess

    WILL BE GREAT TO BE WITH YOU IN VENICE BEACH…MY SOLAR RETURN IS AT 7:30 PM FRIDAY(MARCH 27TH) NIGHT THIS YEAR, IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FIRST PRESENTATION…YEAHHHHH!When our natal planets are retro and the same planet goes retro, how do we experience it differently..like my natal Venus is retro and it will go retro later this year??? THANK YOU..IF YOU GET AROUND TO THIS!


    Greetings! Kaypacha, I am about to give up my Tucson, AZ house of 14 years, move into a van with 2 large dogs, and hit the road. I quite like my property, and always wanted my own house/land, but became a complete recluse starting 2 years ago in May when my mother died (also the length of time I have been planning & researching this). I have finally purchased the van. While quite aware that I am responsible for my own actions, I would like your opinion, based on my chart, as to whether this will be more likely to lead to EXTREME regret or to liberation. (I can handle some moderate, short-term regret.) Whatever observations you can share will be much appreciated. Gracias! Born: Nov 8, 1959; Parkersburg, WV; 6:42 AM (I’ll also do the free chart here, in case that makes it easier)


    Erika Ferszt

    Hi there Kaypacha,
    I wonder if you could talk about the energy of transit Pluto squaring the ASC/DSC angles?



    Tricia Shelden

    Hi Kaypacha,

    Currently, Neptune in Pisces is conjuncting my natal Jupiter in Pisces at 7 degrees. My imagination appears really powerful right now. Is this a good time to “go with it” or since this is Neptune, should I be a bit reluctant to trust what I’m feeling?

    Thanks so much!

    Tricia Shelden


    Iva Vest

    The Amazing Kaypacha! Thank you for all that you give 🙂

    I am personally facing a shift in the area of career focus and clearly defining the work which motivates me, utilizes my gifts, and fulfills my soul mission. Very importantly, I want to make this work my livelihood!

    I have been studying my own chart lately and the charts of a few others, to gain a bit of perspective by focusing on MC, 10th House, and 6th House planets/rulers/influences (I have 5 planets in the 6th House and am feeling major positive momentum from Saturn conjunct Uranus).

    My question: In Evolutionary Astrology, where do you, Kaypacha, usually begin within the chart to address energies, influences, challenges, etc to gain clarity and confidence regarding career path? AND, how do the current planetary positions/transits/energies impact us all at this time?

    Gratitude Flowing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3


    Melissa Emmelie

    Namaste Kaypacha.
    I’ve had some rough years! Looking at my chard I’ve noticed that there is a party going on: seems as if the “heavy” transits are or have been right on top of some of “my own” heavy / slow planets…. Especially the 6th house is quite interesting… I got sacked from a 7 year employment and find it difficult to find another job where I can use my talents for coordination; now I’m earning what I can as a substitute teacher in the horrible danish school system, but I can’t be a part of that in the long run, the government don’t consider the kids, only the economy!
    The sacking, I’m sure was my life showing me not to work so hard (14 hours, running, big responsability and not enough earned… so a young new boss did what I should have done long ago, stoped it!
    I was born the 3. of june 1961 at 12:10 pm in Frederiksberg, Denmark (you might have me in the system since you have made me a reading earlier..?) Hope that you’ll look into it, or if something else jumps forth, some of the other heavy stuff in the chard, ’cause 6th house is not the only heavy scene. Looking forward to saturday!
    All the best, Melissa



    (08-09-1964 1:51am champaign illnois)

    I am studying my PPP in my 10th, in Pisces. Saturn is also there. Square my nodes.
    I have detached from all family, long ago. I am self employed. Im not a martyr. Nor a victim. I wish I was more ambitious though. Any suggestions?

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