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    Jeannie Pitt

    Kaypacha’s January 2015 Q&A has been scheduled for Saturday, January 31st at 5pm CST.

    If you have any questions for Kaypacha for this webinar, please reply to this topic with your question. The recording will be a video that will be published publicly to all the community members.


    1. We do not use names on the charts that will be seen publicly during the webinar. But your chart will be seen by other participants of the community, so please keep this in mind before commenting.

    2. If you have requested your chart through the Free Chart link on the community menu, we have your details. If not, please be sure to leave your date, time and place of birth in the comment, otherwise, we may not get to your question.

    3. Sometimes there are more questions than Kaypacha can address during the 1.5 hour webinar. Please be sure your question is a general one and helpful to everyone, as he will choose those types of questions to answer first.


    Example: I am having a terrible time in my relationship right now. Can you tell me what planets in my chart indicate this and when it will be over?

    Better example: I see that I have Saturn in Scorpio in the seventh house of relationship in my birthchart. Right now Saturn is going through Scorpio too, can you tell me what this means?

    CLICK HERE to register for access and email reminders for this webinar event.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  Jeannie Pitt.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  Jeannie Pitt.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  Jeannie Pitt.

    Eve Crete

    Hi Kaypacha,

    I am new to the New Paradigm Community and am thrilled to be here! Thank you for all your truly great work and for initiating the birth of this community and cooperative.

    My question:
    I have never really taken into account that I have Chiron as a ‘skipped step’ as it squares my natal moon’s nodes (along with Uranus). Currently Chiron is in the thick of things with the Uranus / Pluto square and with the transiting nodes this past month. Can you speak to how this could be a factor in having my life be totally unhinged this past year(in a healthy fresh way, but painful at times due to the separation with my partner). I feel like the work that I am here to do, and my evolutionary path has really / finally just begun! How else can we work with a sensitive ‘skipped step’ planet when it is being whacked by big transits.

    Thank you in advance,
    Warm Wishes,
    Eve from Canada

    Eve Mari Crete
    December 24th, 1972
    6:00 AM (yes, exact)
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada


    Erika Ferszt

    Hi there,

    I actually have two questions…if you have time, or whatever’s more interesting…

    so we’ve been talking a lot about the Uranus/South Node conjunction and being forced to make choices between the North & the South Node. My question is what happens when you choose the south node and go back to what you know? You stay there till the next conjunction? Or is Pluto taking no prisoners and it’s just the illusion of choice because you WILL evolve if it kills you?

    Second is…always linked to the Pluto/Uranus square….Mine has been in the 10th/12th house since 2012, but the final one changes houses and goes to 10th/1st (my aries ascendent at 14 will also be the star of the eclipse just 5 days before my aries bday – big month :-)). How do you think the story changes when there’s a house shift right before the end?



    Tracy M

    Hi! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn in this unique way!

    So, my question is related to health. Since the first week of November I have had a mysterious skin ailment. I’m an esthetician, and in the past I’ve been able to heal myself rather quickly. Not this time. Nothing in my has worked. (I do have a referral to a dermatologist, but it will be another few weeks until I get an appointment, I’ve seen 2 doctors and they don’t know what it is) It’s finally starting to calm down, but it flares rather easily. What I’m wondering is if there is anything in my chart or transits indicating this type of illness, and when I can hope for healing. There have been moments where the discomfort, itching and pain were so great I thought my mind would break and I literally wept on the floor. The peak of it’s intensity was 12/09/14. Spiritually, this has coincided with a major surrender on my part, I feel they are possibly connected, as after it did get quite a bit better, but it’s still there threatening to flare at any moment. I have adjusted my diet, and the foods I can eat are limited and many foods contribute to the flare ups as does any kind of stress. I have lost quite a bit of weight unintentionally and my energy has been very low physically, but mentally I’ve had an increase. I am concerned that it is linked to my immunity in some way, and am hoping to learn if this is temporary or if this is something I should mentally prepare to have for a while.

    Thank you so much… <3

    Tracy M.
    03/03/79, 04:46am, Hayward, Alameda, Ca



    Hi there,

    So here is my birth info real quick. Aaron Webb – November 10th 1984 at 2:19 pm in Clackamas, Oregon.

    Ok, so I have three questions. They are all kind of complex (ha) so maybe just choose one?

    I’m wondering what your interpretation of Pluto in Scorpio in the Eight House means. I had a Kundalini experience at a Vipassana center when I was 24 by the way, (after a bunch of oneness deeksha and who knows what else) and with a pisces rising sometimes things feel so transpersonal I’m not even sure if I have a will of my own! This pluto in the eight is trine my venus, neptune, and jupiter in the tenth, so I’m really trying to understand what this means in terms of my career.

    I’m sure you will notice that I also have Saturn conjunct my Sun. Ouch ! (ha). I have noticed some overtones of “religious guilt”. I’m wondering if this Saturn/Sun means, I should continue practicing my herbal alchemy (I went to a shamanic/herbal school) in a real slow and grounded and patient way and try to be a “good wizard” , or is this a “saturn complex” and am I forcing myself to conform, forcing myself to commit, forcing myself to get a normal job for the sake of some sort of south node fix.

    Ok one last question. Geez I have the urge to travel sometimes. I have done a lot of it. And sometimes I feel so different that I’m like, wow, I got to get out of here (Bellingham, Washington) and go to Hawaii. I noticed that my south node is in the ninth house and so I think to myself, “no, air bear, you are not supposed to go traveling, you are supposed to stay rooted in your home where all your foundation is and follow your north node in taurus in the third house.” Is there any chance that this north node in taurus is about connecting to the earth, and resources, in Hawaii? I also have my sun in the eight house (if using porphery, or ninth house, if I’m using the equal house system). It is interesting having the sun in the eighth. Right now I live in a church that was purchased by my friend and he is letting me live in it for cheap (other people’s money) so it seems like it fits. Maybe I would find a similar situation if I was traveling, maybe not.

    Anyway, perhaps I should just get a personal reading from Kaypacha. Thanks for the help!


    Mady ~*)

    Ping Aloha, (wonderful fluidity to the site, congratulations)

    Two questions:
    OH DUALTY, lol..1) PPP, saturn and chiron are opposite pluto and both retrograde and north node of the moon is retrograde (along with my south). What does this mean? How does one interpret this?

    2) My sun and moon Square dear Lilith. What does this mean?

    ‘Power house Jeannie’ has kindly provided 2 different birth time natal charts, but that’s another duality, that for now as an astrology student I will work on, meditate and release. Ha,ha, there’s only two, it can’t be that hard right? So,recorded is 7:06am. Nov.8/65 Scarborough, Ontario.

    Deepest gratitude & an infinite smile ~ Mady
    p.s. I would like to have a family reading done. How does one add to cart? number X que = ?



    hola Kaypacha,

    here is my question (re: DOB Jan 29, 1978 04:48 EST, Toronto, Canada):

    Pluto polarity point and conjunct north node and moon:

    Pluto (conjunct my midheaven in Libra) is a just under 10 degrees from my north node and moon, how does the Pluto polarity point play out with this wide orb? I have heard it go both ways: the polarity is not applicable with a conjunction; but would this orb still be considered a conjunction? Can you also explain the significance of the Pluto / MH conjunction and N.node/ Moon conjunction. With the current transits of the nodes, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn, I feel like I am in some kind of pressure cooker and being crushed!

    Would these aspects have any significant role to play in my ability to take action / engage in life? I have felt incredibility “stuck” in not taking action in doing my work in the world, in my life. Ruminating, educating, but not quite clear as to what exactly I want to do or feeling the energy/ confidence to actually get out there and do it – big fear blockage in taking action. Or does this have anything to do with all the retrograde planets in my chart?

    Thank you!!


    Dorcas Jeanne Daley

    Blessings, everyone!
    I have been following the Moon’s Nodes’ videos, and I see that Saturn will soon cross my North Node in Sag. How can I make the best use of this transit?
    Thank you!



    Hey Kaypacha,

    Just wanted to say that I just noticed the bit about “please keep your questions general and helpful to everyone”… I think mine may have been too personal, and I have already received many answers by posting in the forum.

    So you can disregard them if you want. Perhaps a more succinct and general question is just in regards to the Pluto in Scorpio generation. How do you see this Pluto in Scorpio generation in context or relation to the paradigm shift? What is our role? And to add a personal touch, what about Pluto in Scorpio in the eighth house?



    Tracy M

    ^ In keeping with keeping things general, I want to refine my question as well! “What chart progressions or transits indicate personal health crises and how do you determine a chronic condition vs a passing illness?” Lots of people battling illness right now that could use this info in a more general way.

    Thank you Aaron for pointing that out. 🙂


    Lace Chess

    So excited your are coming to Venice Beach, on my Birthday March 27th..will be there!
    How does Black Moon Lilith impact us when she returns to her natal position in our chart? She is at 10 degrees Virgo, on my natal Moon in 10th house. Figure she’s leading the way to a Summer / early Fall of a packed 11th house with the North Node and Venus.Mars and the Sun all together. Loving the collaboration of the other astrologers you have gathered to be part of this growing clan! Thank you


    Mani Saldanha

    Hi Kaypacha, I’m really feeling the pisces in my 7th house squaring my mercury & sun in my 4th, I really want to shift my relationship patterns and feel stuck. Do you have any insights please.

    Mani x



    Schwmae Kaypacha from Cymru. I’m kind of new to this, so I’m starting with the 12th House, which seems to be the culmination, or punchline, and then working my way back through the other houses in reverse order.

    So, I have Black Moon Lillith and Pisces both at 4° in the 12th house. The little I’ve been able to glean from this is that I’m the kind of person who’d start at the 12th house and work backwards!! Basically I wanted your opinion on whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel here, or do I always stay isolated on the fringes?

    Peace, Jim


    Abelone DK

    hi Kaypacha, and so much hellooooo and congratulations 🙂

    Theese days Uranus transit is conjunct my natal North node in fourth house. Pluto transit in 1st house is at the same time in opposition to my natal mercury in 7th house. On top of that we have the transitting nodes conjunct to my natal nodes.

    When I look at my chart it seems like it is mainly fourth house that is involved. But the drama is taking place in my worling life?

    Especially according to my work situation I feel squeezed – and at my lowest I feel abandoned….trapped in old stories (and outworn believes) of working relationships. For a very long time I feel I have been denied moving forward and leaving this very stressfull working condition of mine, with temporary jobs on a day to day basis. Got fired 3 times with my temporary work during the last year (last time thursday 22. of january) Went to jobinterview a week ago – the closest I have ever been to defining my dream job (radio, photo and video production with mentally handicapped people). Unfortunately I was not giving them a fullfilling answer concerninng a series of questions related to my many temporary jobs during my career – and failed.

    What is the gifts of this time – and how do I best work with it?

    Thank You so much! <3


    Clancy Smith

    Hi Kaypacha,

    Congratulations on the birthing of the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative. So awesome!

    My Question:
    I see that the last New Moon in Aquarius was conjunct my natal Venus in the 5th house. At the time of this New moon, transiting Mercury+Venus was also conjunct my natal Mars in the 5th, opposite Jupiter in Leo. Could you speak a little of the impact of this and the potential opportunities for growth?

    Extension to this question:
    Using astro-geography to relocate me to where I am currently in the world (Amposta, Spain) This New Moon was conjunct Venus on the Midheaven (9′) in this chart. This feels significant, can you tell me more about what this might mean?

    Clancy Xx

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