July Q&A Live Webinar with Kaypacha

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    Jeannie Pitt

    Kaypacha’s July 2015 Q&A has been scheduled for Sunday, July 28th at 8am Pacific time.

    PLEASE READ all the information below!

    ***CHART ATTACHMENTS ARE ONLY NECESSARY FOR THE ASTROLOGY FORUMS. We calculate your charts for the Q&A so all that’s needed is your birth info (unless you’ve already requested a chart from me… then we already have it!)

    1. The registration link is at the bottom of this post. Click it to register for the live webinar.
    2. We are announcing early so that everyone can make plans and attend.
    3. Post your questions in the comments on THIS POST or they will be overlooked.
    4. Kaypacha will not likely have time to answer all questions. Sorry about that!
    5. Make sure we have your chart info!
    6. Your name will not be used publicly.
    7. Keep your questions general.
    8. Inquiries or technical problems should be emailed directly to ibloomdrop@gmail.com

    CLICK HERE to register for access and email reminders for this webinar event.

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    Could you please explain the significance of the midheaven in greater detail?

    How does that relate to Pluto in the tenth house at the midheaven?

    (I have Pluto in Libra conjunct Saturn in the 10th at the Midheaven and I’m having a hellofa time making sense of what it means and how it applies to my life. From what I understand, none of it fits my life situation and/or public persona. I also have a load 12th (and hide from being seen more than not) and planets squaring the nodes. I’m very confused. I asked for more personal details in the forums, but no one has responded.)

    Thank you.


    Mani Saldanha

    Hi Kaypacha,

    I’d like to know how the October eclipse,may effect my chart. The eclipses conjuncts natal Moon/Saturn conjunction in Aries in the 8th house.

    Thank you
    Mani x



    Yes! Love the q&a 🙂

    Can you please help me in understanding synastry charts and what to look for in combined soul intention of relationship and also when to know if it has longevity potential or how to know when the relationship is complete or if the conflict can be transformed or if it will override the dynamic. Hope that makes sense! I just got Jeffery greenest Pluto II and am trying to understand. Pleases and thank you’s!!!

    F: jan 29 1978 4:48am Toronto Canada
    M: July 6 1967 8:11am victoria canada


    Louise Edington

    Hi. would love to hear your take on this Venus retrograde


    Ivar Kristoffersson

    Thanks for the webinar. I want to learn more about the significance and transition to my chart for Saturn square Venus at 29degree Scorpio/Leo to my Moon at 0,30 in Gemini and Midheaven/Merkurius/Jupiter at 0-1 degree in Cancer and ASC at 0 degree in Libra. I also have other interesting transition if time. Love and greetings from Sweden!



    Hello ~

    Could you please speak about Uranus opposing my Ascendant, which it is doing for Quite A While?

    Also Jupiter is dancing around my natal Uranus now.

    I reckon my near-to-Uranus Moon is a kind of lightning rod – personalising the trans-personal, so to speak. Uranus has seemed like a somewhat shocking big buddy, over time. Familiar in it’s awakening intensity.

    I guess, along with Neptune in the first, which has a similar stepping-down-the-frequency dynamic? I hope that makes sense.

    As ever, I have very many aspects by transit going on. If any others seem more significant to address, within the webinar emerging theme context, I’ll receive any of your wisdom with delight + gratitude!

    Thank You.
    You have my chart.

    xxx jaihn


    Ineke M . Verdoner

    Hi Kaypacha,
    I’m a beginner in astrology.
    And I found Venus and Mars in ‘interesting’ positions. i call it a feminine Mars and a masculine Venus.
    And since i am in the ‘women’s movement’ since the sixties and writing a book about the urge for a New Paradigm in the cooperation between women and men I am very interested in the discovery of my Venus and Mars-positions.
    Since Venus and Mars are so in the picture now, can you tell me what this means in my chart?
    I added my chart and hope to learn more about it.

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    Carolyn k Cornish

    Hi Kaypacha,

    Venus will be going back and forth over the Synphx point which also conjuncts my natal Saturn at 1 degree Virgo 5th house. An astrologer suggested this is new ground and to throw out the cookbooks. Do you have any pointers?

    Thank you for all you share…and the laughter you bring.




    Mady ~*)

    SATURN !! …Missing link.

    I would like to better understand Saturn as a missing link in my natal chart you have with birth time of 7:06am.

    1) How would I know if I am not jumping ahead in this life?
    – Saturn/RX is 11* Pisces/4th house Square Mercury 8* Sag with South Node 5* Sag/1st house.

    2) How do I do a RERUN successfully? What should I look for/pay attention to?
    – Work the “daily TEA” as it were.

    When our geolocation changes, do we still work our natal ppp, or morph ourselves to the new polarity work? I.E.In Vancouver my Saturn falls into 5th house, I think.

    Help clarity open for the soul to reflect.

    Deepest gratitudes, In lak’ech ~ Mady


    Aryana Rollins

    Hello Kaypacha,

    I am curious with the recent Pluto Uranus square these last few years given I have Pluto and Uranus in house 7. I have intuitively felt that those people born during the 1960’s Pluto and Uranus event have been even more activated due to the recent Pluto Uranus Square.

    My curiosity relates to the ‘attempted’ feminine revolution that started during the 1960’s and if you can say what you sense about this time as it relates to my chart.

    thank you for the inspiration and genuine care you share with all,



    Kelly Mulloy

    Hello Kaypacha,

    My question has to do with black moon Lilith transitions. Around Oct. 2015 she will be crossing over my ascendant. Also, if you could speak to the Neptune transits, right now it is hitting my moon/mercury conjunction and seems like it will be there awhile.



    Feb 15, 1961
    San Francisco, Ca


    Jane Norris

    Hi Kypacha

    (Great questions above – looks like you have enough for 3 webinars already)!
    I would also like some info on the synphx point re the upcoming Venus and Jupiter transits. My ascendant is at 0 degrees 10′ of Virgo with a moon at 1 degree 13′ and Pluto at 4 degrees 47′ all opposite Chiron. Sun in the 12th (plus Venus and Uranus) I am thinking its some kind of activation point?
    Many many thanks for all the eye opening info you give out – very much appreciated. Love Jane


    Hola Kayapacha,

    Big Up for the ‘Ho’oponopono’ mantra-it has seriously saved my ass because I have been experiencing a lot of the ‘displaced anger’ you discussed in the last Pele report.

    I am currently 32 weeks pregnant & expecting a Virgo baby in September (sex unknown), although the Sabian Symbol you shared of 24 degrees Cancer, offered by Rudhyar made me inclined to think that I am having a baby boy as I am really feeling the pull to integrate the ‘mental/emotional/spiritual’ on my internal dessert island.

    It was really tough to decide what to ask as soon much activity going on but hey here goes:
    Q) As a Scorpio, the Venus conjuct Saturn at 26 degrees on Nov 10th 2014 was v powerful and I am interested to learn how Venus in Leo will affect me (chart provided) and what strong influences this will have on those children born in Sept of 2015 (expected delivery date is 15/09/15).

    Thank you

    Much Love

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    Elizabeth H

    Hello kaypacha, I would be interested in your opinion regarding interpreting squares in the natal chart and transiting planets to the natal. I’ve struggled with this when interpreting charts; don’t want to be overly pesimmistic or too optimistic. Mahalo

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