Sept 26, 2015 Q&A Recording Available. Listen Now!


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    Jeannie Pitt

    Here is the recording link for today’s Q&A with Kaypacha



    Thanks! 🙂


    Christina Caudill

    Thank you so much for that mini reading Kaypacha! I had one when you were in CA but the video quality was all screwy then so I didn’t get to hear most of it. So much gratitude!! Thank you again xoxo


    Mady ~*)

    Gratitudes, to Q&A participants, for without a chart & question, there just wouldn’t be a meal. It was a seven course meal: carved, shared, unified and tasted in the rich unique details with So Much Dissemination! Just always so amazed at the layers being revealed while honing, fascinating.
    No wonder that pen has to strike the paper to complete the job, there is endless paper, no doubt. 🙂 then the shredder … Gratitudes to Kaypacha & Jeannie:)
    Has anyone read Jim Collins “great by choice”?


    Mani Saldanha

    It really clicked when you emphasised the nodal house reversal. Thankyou Kaypacha.
    I had read it in a book, but, somehow your voice gets through.

    I love it.x


    Renee Lindsay

    This is the first Q & A I’ve seen, and it’s been so informative and revelatory.
    Amazing to hear about the respective houses of the moon’s nodes. NN crossed over my ascendent at 19 Libra last December and is now in my 12, or it’s 1.

    I like the positive outlook at each chart. Yes, hard things, but also positive things, too.



    Also my first Q&A s. Couldn’t be there in the morning, but listened now,great recording. Loud and clear – so much to learn and so much fun, I appreciate this opportunity – the eclipse is about to start here this evening. The same moon for all of us wherever we are, namaste


    SArah McCulloch

    Loved listening to the Q & A Kaypacha! I’d love to hear more about the nodal returns. You suggested doing a Google Hangout. That would be fun!




    Thanks a lot for your answers during the Q&A dear Kaypacha !

    Lunar eclipse in my 11 house 4 degrees aries and IT is so.
    Great feeling to Participate and listen how this eclipse is affecting me and others.

    Thank you for sharing with us
    the language
    of the Skys…!

    You realy do.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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