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Astrology For The Soul: Module I, Fundamentals

Oct 13 @ 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern (US and Canada)

Astrology is an ancient language that beautifully reflects our cosmos. Once this language is revealed to you, life opens up in extraordinary ways.

But the truth is, unless you have a clear understanding of the symbols rooted in a solid foundation of astrological teaching, it can be easy to feel confused and insecure. Astrology - just like the universe - is vast and complex. In fact, it's totally normal to feel frustrated if you're missing the key pieces of the astrological system.

You need to root deeply to rise high!

I've gathered with my dream team of world class astrologers to create a complete course that will take you from the fundamentals of astrology all the way through to interpreting natal charts - and we'll be there with you every step of the way.

Astrology for the Soul: The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation will be a 4-part course to teach you the language of cosmos through the lens of evolutionary astrology. In addition to learning the language of astrology, you'll also receive a special teaching on kundalini yoga so that you can more deeply embody the elements. We're starting with the basics of the natal chart, the elements and zodiac in Module 1: Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology.



In this free introductory webinar on Module 1: Fundamentals, you'll:

  • learn how evolutionary astrology is uniquely suited to the soul's journey
  • gain clarity on the anatomy of the natal chart and the simple astronomy behind it
  • discover the ancient significance of the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water and how essential they are in gaining a deeper understanding into the zodiac signs

Stay to the end of the call to get all the details and a special discount on Module 1: Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology which begins Oct 25.

For those eager to join us for the entire 4-part series The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation, you'll receive a special discounted price and bonus.

Get all the details on our live call!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:What time are the webinars?
A: The classes are all pre-recorded. The live Q&A Webinars are at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.


Q: Am I required to attend live?
A: No, only Q&A’s are live and they are recorded for those who cannot attend.


Q: I am already practiced in astrology but am new to Evolutionary Astrology, will this course be too basic for me?
A: No, Evolutionary Astrology offers a unique perspective that is specific to reading the chart from the point of view of the soul’s evolutionary journey. There are concepts, techniques and perspectives unique to this paradigm. We find that anyone new to EA, whether familiar with astrology in general or not, will learn new material right from the start. We recommend it. The portions on the Elements will serve to deepen your existing knowledge and integrate the EA perspective. The astronomy portion may already be familiar to those who are skilled with natal charts but it’s always good to expand your understanding of natal chart anatomy and astronomy.


Q: Is this traditional Evolutionary Astrology?
A: In this course you will be guided by 7 professional and skilled astrologers, six of which have trained in the EA paradigm, all of which combined bring forth their unique niches, skill set and gems to the community. We consider this course to be rooted in the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green with it's branches and fruits extended to encompass a far wider and eclectic understanding of astrology. Our teachings are contestant and a reflection of the core EA teachings, but we are not pure traditionalists and there will be elements in this course that are specific to this unique blend of teachers.


Q: Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 
A: You will receive a certificate of completion for NPA's Astrology for the Soul: The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation, Level One.

Q: Will I be able to offer this as a service to my clients upon completion of this course?
A: You will be ready to read your own chart, and that of friends and family.   Astrology takes time to research and practice, and we recommend at least another year of practice  before offering professional readings.

Q: Will I have access to the forum and group after the course is over ?
A: There will be one forum that remains active from the beginning of the course for all eternity that will be open to everyone whoever signups up for the course.  Same with the FB group page. While all the material/modules/handouts etc. is "go at your own pace/time," you will obviously not be able to attend the Live Q and A sessions at the end of each module (total of 7) unless you attend the module “live.” However, they too will be recorded for your future study.

Q: Are there payment plans / discounts available? 
A: Full Price is $1,399 for the entire course or $349.99 per part.  We are offering a special price $1,199 for the entire course from now until October 14th 11:59 PM Eastern.  A payment plan is available until October 25th for those purchasing the entire course: $150/month for 10 months beginning on the date of purchase (November 1 at the latest.)

DISCOUNT:  NPA Community member pricing is $1,199 for the entire course or $299.99 per part.



19 thoughts on “FREE WEBINAR – Astrology for the Soul: Module I, Fundamentals

      • Dani I’ve tried to send you an email but it says invalid address. I need to get in contact with you as I want to sign up for the course and take advantage of the free gifts. I would like to go on the $150 payment plan. Looking forward to hearing from you.
        Maura Gilmartin

  1. I think your amazing I’m really looking forward to this thank you so much …… namaste 🙏 aloha 🙏 so much love 🌎💫💜🤗✌️

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  3. I would love to join in on this – it’s the jewish sabbath – I am not online on Saturdays – would love to have some stuff on a Sunday. Will this be recorded? Will I be able to watch later? I truly need a course like this I am very interested.

  4. I have joined the annual membership two days ago through PayPal. Haven’t heard anything back to confirm but I paid. Tried to join register but couldn’t yet it was possible to yet. Can you look into this please. When you go to Log in it assumes you are a member with no option to register (only on a separate page) Getting a bit frustrated about it as I have contacted but nothing is being acknowledged. May need to ask for a refund if this process is this slow possibly you need to update the website?

  5. Hye Kaypacha, as member of the community I love the group energy..
    I can’t afford to pay 1199 § one time…can I spread this amount monthly and how to do that?
    It’s not clear mentionned
    Maurice I love your second Neptune book 😉👍
    Namaste Micheline

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