If you’re really into it and don’t know your birth chart, the first thing you can do is go to WWW.ASTRO.COM and create your personal chart for FREE!  You will need to input your time, date and place of birth to get an accurate chart. We use the porphyry house system.

Please see attached the following free resources from Kaypacha:
Horoscope Interpretation Guide
Ephemeris for True BML 1945-1985
Ephemeris for True BML 1985-2024
Ephemeris for Mean Black Moon Lilith 
Ephemeris for both True and Mean Lilith along with Mars for 2018
Ephemeris for Venus and Mars 1945 - 2018
And Article by Kaypacha: The Great Mars Retrograde of 2018


Articles from Pele Report 12/5/2018:
Article on Feminine Sexuality by Javier Ortiz Gutiérrez
The Divine Masculine with the Return of the Divine Feminine
The New Emerges: True Love in Sacred Union
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