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Full Moon 04º Cancer Dec 26, 2023


〰️ How do we nurture ourselves and others at the same time? 〰️

Every Full Moon in Cancer I remember the disaster in Thailand in 2004 that unfolded on the same degrees as the current Full Moon. It was such a wave of emotion that it spread throughout the world in a day. We all felt the watery, emotional Moon of Cancer. It is such a potent lunar culmination that it can turn and shift the wheel of time in a way that is not always possible to comprehend. The Thailand event reminded us that we are connected through the emotional waters, and none of us are entirely free until we are all free.

As usual, it is well worth the time to look at the Sabian Symbol to be inspired to understand more: «At a railroad crossing, an automobile is wrecked by a train.» This is not exactly a very light-hearted degree, and adding the Sun degree in Capricorn, «Indians on the warpath, while some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance» we get a feeling that we need to be alert, mindful of the karma that we create and mobilize when we see something is about to unfold that we actually can prevent.

Being alert and awake is extremely preventive, and it can also help solve situations that unfold entirely subconsciously, merely a repetition of a karmic pattern. Mercury is still moving retrograde through Sagittarius, and this has a very enlightening effect on us as we are reacquainted with the past and see that something fundamental in our own core has changed. We might realize that it is impossible to build a future on what turned out to be an illusion and see that we now also have the courage to say no to the pressure and alluring temptations of the past.

Much of this courage comes from our beloved Venus in Scorpio making a sextile to Pluto as the Full Moon unfolds. As Venus rules the transiting South Node, it takes on a more critical role in our lives, and right now, Venus is gaining strength as we are more capable of validating our core needs. Instead of shaming them, we should be embracing them. To need something is not the same as being needy or gods forbid, demanding.

To embrace one’s own needs is an act of self-appreciation. It strengthens our commitment to our own lives. We all want our lives to work, so we have to make sure we take care of our boundaries. Our capacity to own up to our boundaries without getting the urge to explain and justify reveals that we are then at a place where conditioned shame has left the building and are free from judgment and manipulation. When we know our worth, we will communicate truthfully.

The traps we fall into if we try to avoid the feeling of shame can end up in loops of endless debates about what is valuable and important. Some needs are beyond debate. A healthy individual honors integrity and decency, and any type of situation that compromises this should never be entertained. So that is the challenge. How do we nurture ourselves and others at the same time?

Boundaries rest entirely on awareness, and most accidents happen when we evacuate our own core and external pressure takes over. The pressure itself might not disappear, but once we are awake and present, aware of our own fears and hopes, we do not compromise our truth. This can correct and align situations that could easily unfold into what we call bad karma, and this is precisely what the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon invites us to be aware of and try to avoid. And as Mars conjuncts Mercury and squares Neptune, being able to say no has never been more important. Let’s avoid the naive hope of being saved by luck.

Mercury will rest upon the stationary degree before going direct on January 2nd. Meanwhile, Jupiter moves out of retrogradation on the 31st of December. Mercury currently rules Jupiter, which in turn is ruled by Venus in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius. This promises that some issues about self-worth, financial stability, and abundance might be blessed with new visions. It is like we emerge out of a tunnel, and we can now see the contours of a future, a little more enlightened, a little more healed and conscious, and ready to use the magical words «yes» and «no» in a responsible and aware manner. Self-abandonment is no longer an option.

And finally, I will take the opportunity to wish all readers a blessed New Year. The Cancer Moon inspires us to care genuinely for the well-being not just of our own tribe but of all tribes. As we await the future, none of us knows what is coming. All we know is that we are stronger and better when we are connected and stand in solidarity with each other. May 2024 be a year where the light of love wins over the darkness of separation.

Sol W Jonassen

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