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Full Moon 04º Gemini Nov 27, 2023


〰️  Search for a deeper truth 〰️

As the Sun moves through the first decan of Sagittarius, it is now being lit up by the Full Moon in Gemini. The mutable signs relate to interaction and communication, understanding and truth, and under the current stars, getting reliable information can set things straight, correct madness that comes from not knowing, and widen our perspective to include the opposite view without losing our own voice.

For that to happen, we have to listen attentively, both upwards to something higher and around us, to the people we interact with daily. Now, here begins the trouble. Earth after the internet has been one culture war after the other lately. Everyone seems to be claiming the truth, and news outlets have lost more and more credibility as bias has been revealed. It is a marketplace where ideas are promoted and sold as truth, and in between here and there, an honest voice appears, but for the reader, it is hard to see what is what due to a general feeling that nothing could, or even should, be trusted.

We might have seen quotes like “Well-behaved women rarely make history” attributed to Marilyn Monroe, but she never actually said this. And the list goes on. Today, it moves way beyond simply misquoting people. Deepfake can fabricate images of anyone, creating footage that looks real but isn’t. In the dark underbelly of the internet, a war of propaganda is happening, and it is doing something to us as we surf by trying to have a sense of what is going on. It is eating away at our sanity.

It is comparable to being gaslit. Gaslighting is a known method to deconstruct mental health and is close to psychological torture, and right now, the line between truth and lie is often blurry. Sagittarius is the sales pitcher who can sell sand in the Sahara and promote any idea as truth, as long as they believe it themselves. To be alive today is to be exposed to cultural differences, historical intricacies, outright propaganda, and often get lost in the maze. And for this coming lunar phase, listening inwards as well as being open to what is offered elsewhere is of utmost importance.

What is being told and sold might not be the truth. Cognitive dissonance runs high these days, and the cunning use of numerous fallacies makes it difficult to converse straightforwardly. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is «A radial magazine» which suggests that we are being exposed to something that makes us question the status quo. This could be highly personal and intimate as Venus is now heading towards the South Node of Libra, exposing the true challenge of the energy coming through the South Node. Unconscious patterns being lived out in our numerous relationships are now being scrutinized, urging us to rely on our inner wisdom and intuition first and foremost.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: «Self-trust is the first step to success.» And this rings true. Anyone who has gone through a time when they didn’t know the truth knows how much madness and confusion arise from this. The whole world could be saying one thing, but the intuition, once awakened, will see the difference between a lie and a truth.

As Venus picks up strength, there might be a desire to settle for what it is and take a shortcut to peace. However, both Mars, Ceres, and the Sun move unapologetically through Sagittarius, urging us to search for a deeper truth. These two energies highly contrast each other, and as the Moon culminates, new information can make it virtually impossible for us to stick our heads in the sand any longer, no matter how seductive the comfort zone of the South Node and Venus is.

Venus is also waxing to a square to Pluto, revealing all kinds of co-dependent patterns that are now ready to be realized. None of us are an island unto ourselves, and our interconnectedness needs to be understood at even deeper levels. Yet, if we rely too much on others and fail to trust ourselves, we might end up in a loop of passivity and go nowhere. Or saying nothing.

Jupiter is harnessing energy being retrograde, and that lid will soon thrust open, but the process is still in the making. That energy will brew until it goes direct at the end of December. Meanwhile, we need to be agile, open-minded, curious, and wanting to see the truth as eternal students, but students with a capacity to discriminate healthy from unhealthy, sane from insane. Once you know the truth, you will also know which direction to take. Easy peace-y!

Sol W Jonassen

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