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Full Moon 05º Leo Jan 25, 2024


〰️ We are at the threshold of a new era 〰️

This Full Moon doesn’t hold back! With Jupiter squaring the lunation from Taurus and both Mercury and Mars squaring the nodal axis, we are moving forward in existence with a powerful will to do and be. If you lacked the motivation to get up and get things done, well, here it is. Even if the cosmic energy is very much flavored by squares and oppositions, this tension could be exactly what we need in order to get moving.

Once something is enough, it is more than enough, and herein lies a little insight as to why squares can be highly creative. There is a deep need in a square to fix, resolve, and do something with life. They push us forward even though we still feel insecure or scared to do what we must. However, the current cosmos also reveals a potential power battle that could occur when attempting to do this. As the Moon is in Leo, the tension we feel could be that our unique and newborn expression, our longing for liberation, is being held back by other people’s expectations. This is the search to align life with what we find valuable. If something doesn’t bring value into our lives, why do we keep doing them? Is it because other people tell us to do so?

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon mirrors the tension between the values of others and our own: «An old-fashioned woman and an up-to-date girl» mirrors the generational gaps that mark the differences in values and views. Pluto is not far from the Sun in Aquarius, and we are at the threshold of a new era that will last for 20 years and dominate a large chunk of our lives. And the battle between the new and the old will be felt very much in the years to come as humanity moves into a technological age we have only seen the beginning of.

Capricorn, the sign of traditions and social structures, is being challenged as Aquarian energy takes over, and this particular Full Moon highlights this transition. In our personal lives, it could take the form of an inner battle where we find ourselves in a position where we need to realign our lives to a more natural and organic flow, yet the structures of society and the need to make money hold us back. We must keep the wheels of society churning, but is it sustainable to work this much, be left with so little time to heal our bodies, and end up stressed out?

The «up-to-date girl» is a new breed. She has been attending yoga classes and learning the art of breathing deeply and eating healthily. She could very well be the hippie gal who finds more value in growing her own vegetables than grinding on in a society she doesn’t deem healthy. She could also be the tik-toker who worships capitalism, and all she wants is to be rich and have a lot of makeup. And she makes money doing it, which is very hard for her grandmother to understand.

The «old-fashioned woman» has been working day and night. She might think that taking care of herself is to be spoiled. It is a luxury none of us can expect. She could have embraced the old system as the only way to succeed, as her mind still rests in fear and shame.

The schism could also be deep within us. We are out there surviving, and suddenly, our hearts beat with a longing to have another experience. More love, more play, more laughter, deeper connection, more time, more attention to our personal lives, and more creativity.

It is impossible to find ourselves when we are constantly busy, but deep inside every human, there is a need to do just that: Move out of survival mode and connect to a higher self. In the upper tiers of our consciousness, we get a chance to be truly creative and find our own unique reasons to exist. This might be nonsense for the old-fashioned woman; “who needs to find themselves?”

Aquarius is all about self-realization. It is a privilege and requires time and effort. And how we lead our lives today doesn’t give us time to ponder life’s mysteries. Our true creative purpose is often felt but not manifested. This longing for life is founded in our awareness that we are a blip in time. And life is so unendingly magical and precious. As the week unfolds, Mars in Capricorn will take up much space, urging us to get moving and to use our willpower to at least get some time to explore, create, and move forward to the life we long for.

To do so, we might have to confront the old ways of thinking. The New World awaits, and we will discover new ways of living as Pluto plows through Aquarius! Let’s go!

Sol W Jonassen

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