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Full Moon 06º Aries Sep 29, 2023


〰️  me, you, and us 〰️

It is difficult not to get excited over this particular Full Moon. It is so dynamic and feisty, full of potential and originality. Sudden shifts could happen, and most likely, it will be something we did not see coming.

And besides, guess what? The ruler of Aries, Mars in Libra, is on the South Node. It is waxing to a square to Pluto that we will see culminate in the next lunar phase, but the energy is there already and moving strongly. And it wants something. Something we crave deeply. This is very passionate and juicy, but when the energy is high, we need to be mindful.

As we have moved into Libra and are trying to find a functional balance in our lives, it is also a question of how well we know ourselves. The clarity of our identity is proportional to our capacity to create a life that works, and how well we know ourselves matters a great deal when we are in a stressful situation or the pressure is on. We must know our boundaries and understand how we react in certain situations. Every choice we make creates the life we live, and even though many of our choices aren’t free, the balance we seek is related to the Cardinal cross: Cancer speaks about our core needs, and Aries speaks about what motivates us from an instinctual and authentic level. Libra is how we work with others and how we also need others in our lives to feel complete, and Capricorn is the truth we cannot escape: our duties and ambitions and what they create in us.

And balance is figuring out if all those life aspects are working in a functional balance. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon fits this quest perfectly: «A Man succeeding in expressing himself in two realms simultaneously.» Sounds like someone who has mastered life’s many paradoxes and reached a mature understanding of who they are. This symbol is auspicious in being able to master the full scale of the grand cardinal cross. It is a hint to us all that we have to be able to hold more than one thought in our minds simultaneously.

Life is a paradox. We could want something for ourselves very strongly, but then again, the love and care for others can pull us in another direction. Being present in two realms simultaneously is also about hearing the higher voice speak directly, even if the world is compelling and a situation could be pressing us to make a hasty choice. Yet, the whisper of intuition, strong with the Aries Moon, needs to be heeded. It can save us from many missteps, accidents, and wrong use of energy.

Mars, being such a domineering factor in this Full Moon tango, can describe pressures we feel from others, and that’s when the Aries intuition comes in handy. Doubts are easily instilled when we are faced with our fits of hunger, and if anything, Libra is particularly wary of that which is lacking. So if we feel something is lacking inside ourselves or in our lives, we are more prone to reaching out for a quick fix than if we are solid in our core and life. The danger with Mars on the South Node is that our judgment could be clouded by desperation, need, or other people’s opinions. Many heroes have shot themselves in the foot, being too impulsive or pressured. That is when we need to cool down, be present in more than one dimension, and listen to the higher mind, which can see the essence.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra Sun, is for this fabulous Full Moon exactly conjunct Juno, the asteroid of partnerships, and perfectly square Uranus. With both rulers of the Full Moon and the nodal axis being so lit, it is not hard to imagine that our journey of individuation has brought us to a new understanding of our relationships and how they need to be for life to function correctly. This is the last of three squares between Venus and Uranus this summer, and it is, in many ways, the grand finale of the Venus retrograde cycle, so whatever pops up as a realization is likely extremely essential. What is lacking in a relationship cannot be denied forever. Many have gone through a turbulent summer regarding love and relationships, but maybe this ship is finally sailing into a new harbor, and things can start settling into a new order.

Freedom vs. commitment is part of this juncture. Relationships are difficult for all when the individuation process is being taken up a notch. A classic expression of Venus-Uranus is that we either grow apart because we are not on the same path, or we grow together because we are on the same track. Balance is key. All parts need to fit in one way or another: me, you, and us.

Sol W Jonassen

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