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Full Moon 11º Cap July 3, 2023


〰️ A student of life forever 〰️

This is the culmination of the New Moon square Neptune, and now it is time to listen, learn, act, and create. How do we navigate difficult waves? The world is not just increasingly complicated. It is also on our doorsteps, not one of us being released from the world’s karma or the intense pressure of being alive.

The full moon axis is about nurturance and education, and the Sabians for both placements talk about the same. The Cancer Sun placement: «A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher» and then for the full Moon: «A student of nature revealing little-known aspects of life.»

The Cancer symbol reminds us not to take for granted or underestimate others and the value they can bring into our lives. True teachers often appear out of nowhere and could be anyone. Both images suggest that wisdom is often hidden behind the veil of innocence. The person who understands that there are no definitive answers and that the only true goal would be to seek further has not only risen to become a true teacher of wisdom but also settled into a peaceful acceptance and genuine humility, accepting to be a student of life forever.

This is a deeply emotional and intuitive lunar phase where our instincts will tell us more about life than our intellectual understanding can and will. Wisdom will come through as spontaneously as a child would express it.

Any situation can teach us so much about how to manage life, how to respond and react, what to do that yields health, and how to navigate the numerous situations life offers. This lunar phase, the cosmos throws us a real challenge in the form of a waxing inconjunct between powerful Pluto and feisty, often unruly, Mars. The solar plexus and sexual centers can go bananas, urging us to maintain a deep inner focus and use the raw power to create.

Mars and Pluto together can cause minor and major dramas as we are vacillating between ecstasy and despair, trying to figure out how to live both mind and emotion and, on a deeper level, come to terms with illness, pain, injustice, and desires. It is as if the earth is overheated, but so are our emotions, and the symbolic connection between nature and humans requires conscious action and wise awareness. The instinctual force of nature within needs reigning.

The ongoing crisis in the world is comparable to a massive collective initiation. We have to learn to do it over again, this time not gravitating back to old patterns of abuse and self-abuse. It is a momentous task for any human, and therefore compassion, as seen in the image of the Mother, is crucial.

Consciousness without compassion is hard. Intelligence without heart is a huge problem, mainly for those who host it but also for those in their proximity. It is absurd that getting a license to drive a car is required due to the evident fact that driving without knowledge is lethal, but there is no training to teach people self-awareness and methods to keep the ego in check. Societies at large suffer from this. It causes so much pain that it yields even more pain.

It is said empathy is a quality of abundance. We have to be free from our instinctual fear and emotional hangups to be able to see others. We have to be stable and solid in our self-love. To be of true service to anyone, to life itself, we have to be the solution. There is no other way around. It takes mindfulness to come to a human life. Virtues, good, solid virtues, are beyond religion. Conditioning through fear in order to be virtuous doesn’t work for all. Another way we can be inspired to be nobler is to take responsibility. Look out for others’ welfare the same way we look after ourselves. Listen and learn. Because it actually works. And feels good.

So is the teaching of the full Moon. The initiations continue whether we want it or not. Pluto is lurking on the last degrees of Capricorn, testing our integrity, and making sure we are willing to do the work. There is a whisper in the wind about the change that is imminent. The One Big Crisis that might connect us on a larger scale, but also one that potentially could bring out the most dark and petty aspects of humanity. And yes, it is the ecological crisis, soon coming to a theatre near you. So let’s listen instead of always wanting to be right.

The eternal student knows more than to know it all.

Sol W Jonassen

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