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Full Moon 13º Sag June 3, 2023


〰️ Let there be light! 〰️

From out of the chaos and how full-on life has been, let there be light. From how far we are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into radical change, let there be light. From out of how much life demands expansion and release, let there be light.

The glory of Sagittarius is in surrendering to the ceaseless call toward greater expansion. Toward greater horizons and grander peaks because there is a reward in having faith in the unknown and in going toward growth for the sake of more. More experience, more abundance, and more love.

This Full Moon is being amplified even more with Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, now joined with the Destiny symbol (the North Node of the Moon), which only happens once every twelve years. With such expansive future-oriented symbolism, many people are experiencing a significant pivot in direction—new opportunities, huge life-altering decisions, and “out of the blue” unexpected shifts and changes.

Also, with Saturn in Pisces (soon turning retrograde) squaring this Full Moon and Sun in Gemini, even more emphasis is on the confrontations with “larger than life” beyond your control choices to be made that will shift the foundation and the structure that you are currently existing in. It’s about reframing our support systems, values, and commitments and how that looks and is experienced in our lives.

With redirection comes new environments, resources, opportunities, and relationships. We are being propelled into the unknown! A fresh new direction to guide us further into the light.

As Uranus and Mercury also join together this week in Taurus, the same sign as Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon, our deep connection with personal needs and desires is a major component of where our awareness needs to be focused for healing and success. Honoring our essential and natural needs (and feelings) behind our core desires regarding how we want our life and how we want to live and create is paramount.

Taurus represents a stance of being true to thy self by honoring needs, feelings, desires, and comforts. By honoring that which you need to feel safe, secure, and happy in life. Then, after core needs and wants have been met and an inner sense of stability established from honoring thyself, there can be healing in the growth of embracing more of the unknown. Let there be light!

Jessica Dawn

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