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Full Moon 16º Cancer Jan 6, 2023


〰️ Evolution takes time. Be kind 〰️

The Full Moon kicks off on the 16°21 Cancer-Capricorn axis without holding back on intensity, and this Full Moon also funnels the asteroids Vesta at 16°23 in Pisces and Pallas Athena at 18°50 in Cancer into creation. This is a watery moon with deep potential for healing. The softness of Vesta and Moon in Cancer mixed with the levelheaded Capricorn Sun opposite Pallas Athena, a dash of Uranus and Venus square the nodal axis balance the emotional with the rational, offering a huge potential for personal insight and growth.

The synthesis is evident: It is about kicking off inhibitions and emerging into life a bit more honestly. Masks off! Venus in Aquarius pushes the urge for freedom and individuality and gets quickly bored if the vibe is off. Time to bring our most quirky expression to the world! However, that is not always an easy task. All things Capricorn show the challenge of freeing oneself from restrictions and inhibitions, and the watery element can make vulnerabilities rise and make it hard to find inner safety to do so. So Cancer is all about having enough time. Time to digest, process, and release the many emotional reactions to life in general. Whatever is digested might feel a little heavy and gloomy. These feelings need to be processed with tolerance to meet life with new motivation and dedication. Being stuck is not an option. It is time to heal the spiritual bypasses and shake off taboos and fears of rejection or ridicule. We are all walking paradoxes. Awake in some areas and still learning in others. We must find the wisdom to see this in order to be more forgiving.

The last couple of years has been hard on humanity. It still feels wobbly. Pluto is on the 27th degree of Capricorn, ready to dig into the last little bit of this sign that relates to structures and traditions in our societies and families, and right now, it feels like there are a lot of things that don’t work. The rebel is awakened, but at the same time, the conservative and safe are holding something back. So the kind, cosmic reminder to humanity is: «Evolution takes time. Be kind»

And what can we learn from the asteroids that currently dip their toes into the cosmic waters? Vesta, the goddess of all things sacred, holds a promise that clearing the energy field is the best protection in the world. If we feel congested, stagnant, stressed out, tense, and packed, we cannot respond in the best way we can to life’s many challenges. The feeling is instead that it is too much to deal with. Little wonder if the databank is already full. Vesta inspires us to spend time alone. The Moon wants us to take time off to heal. It doesn’t have to be a two-week retreat on the beach, but half an hour of meditation, a walk in nature, or time off social media can do a world of good. Vesta is telling us to focus on the small things in life. Clean the house. Wash the body. Release the emotions. Be grateful for what we have.

Pallas Athena, the strategic, is placed in Cancer and will be coming into focus as she opposes the Sun and, a day after, Mercury. Her combination of rational thinking, wisdom, and intuitive magic, sprinkled with the Uranian capacity for being objective, adds an interesting layer to this particular lunar phase. Even if we are knee-deep into our emotional waters, the piercing quality of the mind comes through in a very potent manner. It is mindfulness, the ability to step out of the drama zone and understand there and then that if certain potential energies are being fed attention, they will grow and take over. This is a great time to plan ahead. Release that which is leaving and embrace that which is about to take place, and this time, a little bit wiser and a little bit older.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun degree at Full Moon is «A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude» which mirrors back to us the need to be utterly honest about our existence. And spinning from that honesty, truth can grow into a wholesome new tree. One that carries fruits that actually taste good. Life can be tough medicine if we do not see how intentions bleed into life, turn into action, and eventually to consequences. And this, my friends, is where we now stop the wheel of motion before it spins in the wrong direction. Through honesty, Capricorn accepts personal responsibility correctly. And the question remains: What do you genuinely need and want in life, and can you make that happen? This again poses the ultimate question: «Who are you?» Listen to your true needs. They guide the way, one step at a time.

It is time for heartfelt hugs and exciting connections! May we all embrace it!

Sol W Jonassen

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