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Full Moon 16º Gemini Dec 8, 2022


〰️ Wait and let things unfold 〰️

The Full Moon in Gemini on 16°01 marks the entrance of the 16th degree in terms of the coming full moons up until March 2023, and it starts with a bang thanks to Mars retrograde being exactly on that Gemini degree! Uranus and Neptune will also be dancing to the full moon tune, howling their ego-crushing, soul-bending, mind-expanding messages from the porch. We will, without doubt, hear them, and when the grand players get involved in the cosmic concoction, we have little other choices but to stay flexible and listen to life whether we like it or not.

This coming period will unfold most mysteriously. The only plan that could work is one that includes options B, C, and D. Sticking to the usual format might not be possible, and if there is too much rigidity, muscles might be strained, metaphorically speaking.

Mars retrograde in Gemini acts like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. And even though it has left the square to Neptune, the energy will be imbued with our beloved Master of the Collective Emotional Ocean during this period. Details, communications, and logistics could go haywire. Going with the flow and having faith is the key. If there is faith and trust in life, this time can be highly potent. If there is the capacity to enjoy silence and solitude, this period provides the seeker ample opportunity to enjoy it. However, most people don’t enjoy being put on a spot or having to improvise, and there is a reason we have routines and habits, as they provide an ounce of sanity in a bizarre world. It is just that sometimes they don’t work to our benefit, and we have to listen to what life requires of us there and then.

Thankfully Saturn is in the mix as a sextile between the Sun and Saturn strengthens sanity and a mature attitude to life. It provides the wisdom that allows us to let go of what simply isn’t our drama, communicate what is necessary and let other people take responsibility. Mental sanity is the crux of the matter. As the Sun moves through a mutable sign alongside Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, and Ceres, the inner life is highly changeable. It is like walking on shifting earth, and sometimes up is down, yes is no, and what is seemingly reasonable is most likely the insane thing to do. Worries can loom, and the distance from the subconscious to the conscious is suddenly much, much shorter. This full Moon can catapult hidden items of the inner databank directly to the frontal cortex, forcing us to see life from a much more complex viewpoint and question what is going on.

It might be a blessing that Mercury, the God who can wander in all realms without getting lost, currently digs away in Capricorn, adding a solid sense of groundedness to the madness. Venus, our beloved darling, is joining him on the 10th, inspiring discipline, structure, and order and giving us the solution. Our basic duties as human beings will have to take priority over the need for adventure and freedom. The deeper we focus on the tasks at hand, the better. Solid as a rock, steady as a zen warrior, sane as an enlightened. The eye of the Storm. That is where all of us might feel that we need to be in order to function. But it requires massive discipline and the ability to say no to the right impulses. Make discipline of the mind a priority right now.

Jupiter is on that very last degree of Pisces for the third and final passage, and we are saying goodbye to something. A dream. A lost love. A piece of our naivety. Perhaps even our innocence causes fear that we might never be able to open up to life and love again. Disillusionment is brutal, but the time has come for humanity to be more mature and take responsibility for our inner and outer world to the degree that it is possible. This karmic realignment of all our relationships lies within the territory of Venus through Capricorn, and as she continues her journey across this part of the sky, we might understand the deeper reasons for our relationship dynamics.

This is not a period to make the biggest decisions of our lives. This is a time to wait and let things unfold. The last word is not spoken yet. As we venture forward together and alone, our deepest fears are released. Or the Kraken, as some like to call it. We are all watching this show, and some of us are perpetuating the madness. Those who yearn for more honor and truth will now have to walk that path because we decided it was best for us. It was our choice and our commitment. That commitment is constantly tested. Integrity is the key to true freedom.

Sol W Jonassen

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