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Full Moon 16º Leo Feb 5, 2023


〰️ Rebel Moon 〰️

Some like to say the planet Uranus is the “Great Awakener” and the energy behind the revolutionary impulse. Both are true, and when Uranus is prominently influencing, there is rebellion in the air. Rebellion from the norm, rebellion from the known, rebellion from all things that would attempt to hold one back or inhibit free expression.

On this upcoming Full Moon in Leo, as the Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius, the planet Uranus is positioned exactly in between them both, creating a powerfully potent angle, creative tension, and the need to make a change in how you see things and in how you are taking action (or not) is the message here.

With Mars and Venus also in a square aspect with each other, there is likely conflict within your most intimate relationships and touching upon the more personal issues for you. It’s a time for such things to be revealed so that what needs to be healed (in the hearts) can be.

The Leo/Aquarius axis involves creative expression and tapping one’s unique potential. Leo teaches about the pleasure gained in doing what you love and expressing yourself. There is glory, self-gratification, attention to get, praise, and love. Leo is self-centered and subjective and lives for the joys and the pleasures of being alive. To be in love, receive love, give love, be love. Always wanting more because is it possible to get enough of a good thing?!

Aquarius is about an objective awareness of the whole environment or society and how one’s expression impacts it. When this axis is in harmony, it lives not just for self-satisfaction but because of the understanding that personal self-expression serves the whole of life and unity in diversity is what will heal humanity and its societies.

It’s a time to let your love light shine and to do the same for others! Express in love and joy who you are and how you are and leave space for others to do the same. We are all so different, yet we share this life on a very similar journey.

Those that we feel the most comfortable with can become a part of our inner circle, “our tribe, our vibe,” and those that we do not, we can still honor and respect from further away but still close enough to be a part of the community, because in the bank of the heart, there is so much fortune to be had for all, within all the multitude of variations of how love expresses itself.

“We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.” ~ Maya Angelou


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