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Full Moon 16º Libra Apr 6, 2023


〰️ Full Moon blessings 〰️

We are currently in the lunar cycle that precedes the upcoming Eclipse Season. We have arrived! The mythical potency of eclipses has already begun to ripen. In just two weeks from now, we will have, with the next New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, at 29 Aries.

Here we enter what is known as the eclipse portal. A vortex of time and space that promises that we will come out very different than how we went in. Just watch and see. The Aries season is a time of new beginnings and new initiatives. It is here that many, especially those with strong Libra/Aries and Scorpio/Taurus placements, will be propelled through life-changing experiences and confrontations of karmic proportions.

Eclipse times are infamous for unearthing old and fated matters and unraveling issues that flow deep within the bloodlines and the very pulse of your soul. Eclipses highlight soul work, and in Libra/Aries and Scorpio/Taurus, it is much about identities, attachments, money, contracts, power, limitations, and survival – they are the things that we take very personally.

Essentially, these archetypes deal specifically with the kinds of things that come up between lovers, families, partnerships, and the self. Some things are so old and so deep that it takes lifetimes to deal with. Some things are so deeply embedded in the fabric of who we are that they are passed down through generations for others to carry on the dealings with.

Alongside the power of the eclipsed New and Full Moons, the current Mars in Cancer cycle only serves to embolden the focus even further upon the past, the family, and our most intimate bonds and relationship issues; with ourselves, others, survival, and money. However, these are active cardinal energies that are all about the freedom to be who you are and initiate new experiences and beginnings.

This Full Moon on April 6, on the 16 degrees of Libra/Aries, is a trigger to confront and initiate the necessary change. Aries and Libra particularly deal in the realms of extremes. Libra aims to set the score straight and balance the scales. Extremes are a part of our nature and a part of life. Here it is about the battle for justice and cooperation between opposites.

These are Venus and Mars-ruled archetypes, so making sense of the paradoxes, polarities, and differences between the sexes may be spotlighted as this Full Moon sheds light upon the things that need greater understanding in our lives.

Libra and Aries, like Mars and Venus, are like the Yin and Yang expressions of the zodiac. The harmonic convergence of opposites makes a balanced and harmonious whole.

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