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Full Moon 16º Taurus Nov 8, 2022


〰️ Total Lunar Eclipse 〰️

The astrology surrounding this upcoming total Lunar Eclipse is wild, with the potential for radical changes within our most personal relationships. The Full Moon joins Uranus exactly on that day, highlighting what Uranus stands for – individuation through the process of breaking free from that which holds you back.

But, in “breaking free,” I don’t mean just cutting ties and breaking away from. That may only add more trauma to the trauma (Uranus also represents trauma). “Breaking free” implies a liberation that can only truly happen through a complete integration and responsibility towards what we have been attached to. Thus leading to the absolute integrity that is promised within the process of individuation and being genuinely true to thyself. Integrity does not exist without self-awareness. Simply put, don’t just detach and walk away, do it with responsibility and integrity to be truly free.

In our lives, Full Moon times are peak expressions of an energy dynamic that has come to fruition and is ripe and overflowing with the need for expression and recognition. Things come up and out to play! Conversations, confrontations, opportunities, breakthroughs, and crisis points.

We all know that Full Moons are infamous for provoking the wild and unpredictable emotional side, and for many, especially during an eclipse, being surrounded by all that mystery of light and dark can arouse a full-on howl in the night!

It’s Scorpio Season, and here we confront our soul’s need to evolve and become more of itself through life’s death and rebirth processes. We must change, we must grow, we must let go and allow the experience to transform us.

A peak of this much energy within and without can feel overwhelming. And times like these put history on the map. For many, this season will be one to remember. The current astrology is powerful as there are many components to digest. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunct the South Node of the Moon, while opposite the Moon and Uranus join the North Node of the Moon. Meanwhile, Saturn is in a tight square to all of them!

This will be a week where so much metamorphic transformation occurs through our values, identities, attachments, and relationships with ourselves and others.

The Mercury-Uranus opposition represents a powerful, mentally stimulating energy that could lend both to confusion and chaos as well as profound insights and breakthrough awarenesses. Aha moments and entering the field of pure intuition can inspire quantum leaps in perception and understanding within ourselves and our relationships. Shock and awe are out to play… ’tis the season of the Scorpion!

We are the creators of our destiny. We have been given the colors to work with, and the canvas will surely capture both the light and dark in our expression. Scorpio season is all about revealing the truth behind what is.


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