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Full Moon 19º Aquarius August 11, 2022


〰️ Go for your dreams! 〰️

This Full Moon time will be a bit of a game-changer with a serious tone to it! However, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, not without plenty of opportunity for joy and play and likely some social engagement that can potentially tap us into older, deeper, karmic realms, as Saturn, the great Lord of Time himself joins the Moon.

Full Moons illuminate, unearth, bring to the surface, and reveal that which is ripe and ready in our psyches and lives.

Many of us have been birthing great change over this past month, and this Full Moon point represents a culmination of efforts made (often under great stress) and the awareness gained. It could also be regarded as a celebration time – we have earned it.

Though we will still have two more weeks until this entire lunar cycle completes, now at the Full Moon, many pieces are coming together, and answers to our questions are becoming known. We’re coming out of the dusty rubble from all the demolition and the breakdown in our lives as of late, and now we can see more clearly through the haze where the future is leading.

As the Sun and this Full Moon come into a square aspect with the already well underway powerful cycle of Uranus conjunct the North Node (of the Moon), it’s a time of revelation, breaking free from the past, and being radically authentic to yourself and your dreams. Go for it! There is power in the now!

The future is ours to create, and the energies of this Full Moon time are in perfect accordance to support your inspirations and your heart’s desires blooming and blossoming into a thriving creation that can and will nourish you and life itself. But you must do what is yours and only yours to do. We all have our part to play, our places to heal, and our unique and beautiful love to give. The work is the courage it takes to express and participate with this love that is uniquely yours to have and give to the world.

So much love and blessings on your path.

Sincerely, Jessica

Thumbnail art: Damanhur

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