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Full Moon 21º Capricorn July 13, 2022


〰️ Inner communion 〰️

The Full Moon in Capricorn at 21°21 is up to a whole lot of business. The planets never rest, even if we might be in the thick of vacation. Neither do the inner processes and the ongoing human growth of those who are walking on earth, determined to crack codes and change narratives. Something many of us is bound to do as the planet of sudden enlightenment and deep insight, Uranus, is ticking closer to the North Node.

So despite the underlying need for security and family ties that come with the Cancerian territory, Uranus is sure to crack a hole in the veil of ignorance and tune into the very aspects of anything that isn’t working anymore.

Add a dash of Pluto that will be coming in intense this week and fuse that with the opposition of Ceres to Pluto that is very much a theme for this Full Moon, and sprinkle it with a t-square between the Sun-Ceres and the Moon-Pluto, and we get a hot concoction destined to change maps and shift powers. This is go-go juice of the highest potency, which is what we prepared for. Not all who wander are lost, and not all who go through crisis and change are doomed. Au contraire, the long walk home, back to us, and back to our hearts, is reaching a pivotal point. We can almost touch the magic and feel the profound changes that we worked so hard for starting to manifest.

With Uranus coming in so strongly, we might even feel we are working through important matters while sleeping, waking up inside the dream to change the script. Instead of automatically saying “yes” or going with the familiar flow, we wake up in the moment, hear the powerful intuition and change course. We will have to choose the path less known, the one thing we couldn’t manage to do before, and that leads us into new land, where the people we meet are people who come with another energy and another offering, just like we come with new energy and a new offering.

To be able to feel ourselves amid people or in large crowds is difficult for most, and here lies one of the significant challenges for this week. Duty, responsibility, and tradition that is Pluto in Capricorn and that we can’t get away from, the urge to delve deep into our own needs that is Cancer and then Venus, still in Gemini and now square Neptune, pointing to “peopling.” All the people are everywhere. It is hard to find a quiet spot in a crowded world.

It could also be a romantic ideal or dysfunctional relationship that pulls us off center or a flip-flop between having to relate to numerous people and needing to be alone.

The theme is the same; how do we relate to ourselves in the middle of a crowd without losing our center? Vesta, the asteroid of inner silence and focus, is retrograde in Pisces, and she seeks quietude and clarity. This week begins with a sextile between Mars in Taurus and Vesta in Pisces, and the smart thing to do would be to find time to take refuge from the world as much as possible. This is an aspect for retreat. For inner communion. For sacred walks in nature. For a bliss-out moment to watch the sunset. All these aspects of life, available for those who know how to work out the difficult balancing act that is the spiritual and the mundane life, are now ambrosia to our souls.

At that sweet spot where we find the deep connection to ourselves, we intuitively know that whatever comes along our path, we have power. The beauty that we seek is right in front of us. But we must be willing to “be in this world, but not of this world.”

Sol W Jonassen

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