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Full Moon 07º Pisces Aug 30, 2023


〰️ Take a breather and flow… 〰️

Pisces beckons us into the Cosmic Void, where synchronicity and magic merge to birth new life into form. It requires faith. From out of spirit, we are made, and we manifest. We can choose to overlook the obvious, even deny and ignore the signs, but what is still remains.

Life is riddled with paradox. We are the paradox. The Pisces-Virgo axis perfectly represents this. Spiritual beings having a human experience. From out of the infinite void of time and space, mind and matter, we create. And through that, we experience the “unseen” manifested in all our creations. It only takes awareness to recognize. Virgo is all about paying attention, especially to what most people do not notice.

With seven out of nine planets currently retrograde, garnering awareness is emphasized. Retrograde represents a reverse in the natural order of things. Instead of a direct outward expression, it’s about slowing down and turning inward. Retrogrades represent a period of inner reflection. They offer the opportunity to remember, recall, or regain what may have been overlooked, denied, or ignored. And then, take the time to make more valuable choices regarding the life you are creating. So, essentially, although retrogrades have an infamous reputation, they are actually blessings.

Astrology speaks of the psyche and its evolution or growth in consciousness. So, when we write about the cosmic weather, we reference what is going on out there as a correlation to what is happening here. As the planets move through time and space, so do we. Through each cycle, we grow through our own continuous orbit relative to our soul.

So, let’s look at the retrograde planets and try to decipher the message of the moment from each! A retrograde can last anywhere from three weeks with the faster-moving planets, like Mercury, up to six months with the slower-moving planets, like Pluto.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto represents a deep yet slow process of detachment, especially emotionally and psychologically, to anything “ready” to be released. As the release happens, a new sense of self is gained. Essentially, Pluto represents the death and rebirth processes that are always the undercurrent of our growth. While retrograde in Capricorn, we are being guided toward self-contemplation upon (Capricorn) the foundations and the support systems in our lives. What is working and what is not as far as how your life is structured?

Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Mercury represents the logical mind, our perception, and communication. Retrograde in Virgo, we are guided back to reexamine certain little important details that matter in the bigger scope of our lives. Virgo is all about the day-to-day and the routines that shape our lives. So the current ask is: What are the rituals that make up your routines, and how well are they serving you? And let’s not deny the fact that there are so many electronic devices available these days to uplevel and make our lives easier and better. Do you have the ones you need?

Venus retrograde in Leo. Venus is about our relationship to ourselves, others, and love in general. So, when retrograde in Leo, we dive deeper into our connection to joy, fun, pleasure, and love. Leo speaks to the human desire to want to be recognized, appreciated, given attention to, and loved for how very special we are. So, what is your relationship to joy and pleasure, having fun, and receiving attention and recognition for how special you are? What is the love quotient of your life?

Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus represents liberation into your unique self and true genius. It means an unstoppable momentum for change and breaking free from the past. It specifically represents the higher mind and awareness. It’s like the saying, “I can’t unsee what I’ve now seen.” Uranus is – you can’t unknow what you now know, and therefore, life must change to reflect this newfound awareness. So, in Taurus, the lessons are around stability, self-sufficiency, and self-preservation. How strong are you in your self-care and self-love? We must cultivate our own knowing around our self-worth and value to truly know ourselves and each other from this center.

Chiron retrograde in Aries. Chiron represents the pain and the suffering of humanity. The silver lining is that we can rise more triumphantly from adversity. We can gain wisdom and strength from out of the pain. Pain has a way of cracking the heart wide open. In that process, we can come to know compassion and love. Aries represents the masculine, and as well evident, there is a divisive dichotomy between the masculine and feminine that is fortunately now well underway to be healed. How and where are you doing your part in healing the wounds between the masculine and feminine within and without?

Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Neptune is the natural ruler of the Pisces archetype. Together, they represent the oneness, the infinite sea of connection that unites us all. We all impact and affect one another. In each thought and deed, we add to the fabric of creation by which we all breathe. Neptune in Pisces will always remind us that greater forces are beyond our control. Life itself is bigger than us. However, we are creative beings capable of tapping into the infinite source of inspiration, faith, and miracles. This is the realm where dreams do come true!

Saturn retrograde in Pisces. Now, this leads us to the Super-Fullmoon that happens to be together with our current Saturn retrograde in Pisces! This one is a doozy! If ever a Full Moon joins another planet then the energy of that planet is magnified by the Moon, and the planet amplifies the energy of the Moon.

So here we have the Full Moon come to illuminate the Saturn qualities of integrity, maturity, and responsibility in the arena of Pisces. What connects us all is our humanity, but that itself has a fickle nature. We are complex with a whole spectrum of possibilities of human traits that can define us from the most basic and profane to the most sacred. This world is full of every possibility, and we are free to choose. The playground is an amazing yet dangerous one!

One thing is for sure: the axis of Virgo and Pisces teaches us that, as humans, we are not perfect, but we can strive to be better and to become more. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.”

Stay open to miracles and magic! And have compassion, for the journey of life is not an easy one. There is so much happening behind the scenes, lest we not forget.

Jessica Dawn

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